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I wish I’d had the Rock & Ball when Jax was a new baby. Tummy time was not a huge priority in our house! After having our third baby, I was in survival mode! I knew all the things I was supposed to do but didn’t always do them. He survived and is now walking but I do feel like he did everything just a little bit later than my first to because I didn’t push it.

The benefit of the Rock & Ball is that it’s a fun toy! I don’t know any baby that likes tummy time. Mine always cried the whole time so I would do it the minimum amount of time, just to make sure they didn’t get flat heads! I think if they had a fun, bright, colorful toy in front of them to distract them it might have been easier.

The Rock & Ball is all different bright colors and textures that baby’s won’t know what to do or where to look first! I like toys that have a lot going on because then the baby doesn’t get easily bored.

Like all of Tiny Love’s toys, they are made with developing motor skills in mind and can be used for different things at different ages and stages. See below for their age tips on how to use this toy.

Even though Jax is almost one, he still likes this Rock & Ball! He likes to throw it around and chase it. It’s almost like he is playing fetch with himself! It’s fun to see that bright ball rolling across the carpet while the mirror spins in another direction. He also likes the sounds it makes.

With a simple twist of one set of rings, it becomes a tambourine! And what baby doesn’t like to bang away and make noise?

It’s really good quality as I have found with all their toys and won’t come apart on you. The Rock & Ball is fun for all infant ages and stages and would make a great gift for the babies on your list this year!



Helps extend tummy time and encourages development of gross motor skills and crawling
Versatile design and numerous modes of use are wonderful both for independent play and fun joint playtime
Enchants baby with its colorful design and fun features
Easy to grasp, play with and enjoy!
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Imagination & Creativity

Age Tips

Rock and Ball Baby Toy
3-6 Months
To help baby practice tummy time, allow baby to explore the colorful Rock & Ball toy while lying on his tummy. Let him play with the rings, gaze at the mirror and push the ball with his hands while developing her shoulder and neck muscles.
Rock and Ball Baby Toy
6+ Months
Encourage your baby to explore the Rock & Ball and change its shape. Show her how the ball turns into a tambourine and changes back again. Point out the different qualities of the baby toy in each position. This quality of change fascinates babies and helps them understand more about object permanence.


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