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CLEVERFIT, The Adjustable Collar StayLyndsey’s Thoughts

IMG_4710No husband likes the chore of ironing their dress shirts, so they usually do a quick job of it and end up with a crunchy curled collar. I was glad to find CLEVERFIT– The Adjustable Collar Stay. I love how the perfectly folded dress shirts look when they are brand new, but once those cardboard collar inserts come out they never seem to look the same.

CLEVERFIT is a pair of metal pieces that stay in your man’s collar in place of the cardboard or plastic ones that come with the shirt. They are so lightweight my husband couldn’t even tell they were in his shirt collar.

CLEVERFIT adjusts to fit all sizes, shapes, and styles of collared dress shirts. Just adjust, insert, and go to ensure a perfect shirt collar everyday! They even come in a perfect little box that would fit well in a Christmas stocking!

This is a great gift for those hard to shop for men in your life!

About Cleverfit

Fact: CLEVERFIT is the world’s fist precision fit adjustable collar stay. Fact: CLEVERFIT’s quick-sizing capability eliminates the

need for keeping up with multiple sets of fixed length stays.

Fact: Engineered and crafted in stainless steel, the CLEVERFIT collar stay provides a superior alternative to plastic collar stays, which can deform, warp and even break with use.

Fact: CLEVERFIT’s universal sizing feature offers two modes of use to insure the proper fit for everyday wear, as well as extra firming capability for more demanding occasions.

Fact: CLEVERFIT’s unique patent pending design provides an innovative solution to end decades of exasperation.

Fact: CLEVERFIT puts the power of adjustability at the user’s fingertips.

Fact: Sherif Zaki is an engineer, businessman and entrepreneur who created CLEVERFIT Collar Stays after an “Aha!” moment five years ago while crawling around collecting a stack of collar stays that had fallen on the floor

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