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Lorinda’s Thoughts

The Tiny Love Flip Cube looks like a perfect toy for my nephew! The colors are great, the animal characters are cute, it flips open and closes, it has a mirror and a little block that fits in the larger block. Exactly the things a baby will love to do. The age suggestion says three plus months, but I bet my two year old will play with this too.

The small block that fits inside the big block is a tight fit and I think that is perfect because it will take skill to master taking the small block out of the larger block and putting the small block into the larger block. It seems like a good toy to take places because it will travel well and the small block is attached by a piece of material.

I do hope the button that attaches the block all together does not come off. It is sewn on and seems to be large enough it shouldn’t be a choking hazard. I tugged on it and it seems fine. .

My two boys, ages two and six played with toys similar to this at friends houses, at church and at the library and they always gravitated toward it. I do not know why I did not get something like this for them. I am sure my nephew will love the Tiny Love Flip Cube for Christmas this year and I think my boys are most excited to give it to him!

Age Tips

3-6 months
Introduce baby to toy, showing him how the features rattle and crinkle.
Soft Cube Baby Toy
4-8 months
Let your child explore the cube’s various features independently and flip the cube from one side to the other.
Soft Cube Baby Toy
6-8 months
Play peek-a-boo with your baby and enjoy the toy together.
Soft Cube Baby Toy
9-12 months
Let baby enjoy the soft cube’s more advanced features: trying to pull the inner cube out and put it back in place, using the loop to close the cube, etc.Product Description

View Features
A versatile, flip-sided baby toy that includes a variety of fun features that will intrigue and amuse baby
Various elements that encourages the development of fine motor skills
Encourages independent learning and exploration
Offers fun joint play options for baby and parent, thereby encouraging bonding

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