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One of the things I love about having little boys is how easy they are to please! My six year old Reed likes just about everything, especially when it comes to things like math and science. I was pretty sure when I saw this Phantom Saucer that it was right up his alley but even I wasn’t prepared for how much he loved it!

When I showed it to him and told him what it was, he got so excited! Once I opened it and showed him how it worked, his excitement dwindled a bit when he realized it didn’t actually fly on it’s own. But when I explained that it was like a trick he got excited again and started planning all the people he wanted to show it to, starting with his dad!

It comes with little plastic pieces that attach the the saucer by a string and puddy to attach the other end somewhere, like behind the ear, so that it is out of sight and not held. In theory, this is a great idea. The execution, however, was not as easy. The puddy didn’t want to stay stuck and the string kept slipping out from the saucer. Luckily it comes with eight different sets so if you don’t get it right the first time, try try again!

Another issue we had was that it was hard to maneuver it once it was solidly attached. It kept bumping against their bodies and not even looking like it was floating.

Reed and his sister had a lot of fun playing with this and tricking their dad. They didn’t care how it worked or that it had some issues. They just had fun with it!

The Phantom Saucer isn’t the easiest thing to use or the best made but for it’s price, it’s definitely worth it and my kids had a blast playing with it! This would be a cute gift for the little boys on your list that like a little science and magic.




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