Sprinkle Some Extra Magic on Christmas with the Christmas Tooth Fairy by Murlie C. Hanson #HolidayGiftGuide


My Thoughts

The Tooth Fairy appeared in our house this year when my oldest child Reed lost his first two teeth! I have to admit it was a bit stressful and overwhelming for me! Why? Because of all the stuff you see on Facebook and Pinterest where people post the extravagant things they do for the tooth fairy visit!

I had so many questions! How much money does the tooth fairy leave? Does she leave a note? What can I do that is fun but easy to maintain through three children and sixty tooth fairy visits? I wish I had read The Christmas Tooth Fairy sooner because it really helped me put it all in perspective AND more importantly, answer my children’s questions!

From forgotten tooth fairy visits to the different amounts children receive; she answers it all! I read this to my kids and they were literally saying things like “OH so that’s why!” The approach she uses is cute as K-ID TV interviews the Tooth Fairy so it makes it easy to put it in a question and answer format.

Lauren C. Oliveira beautifully and magically illustrates it all. I like that the pictures look like drawings and not computer generated images.

The thing that really sets this book apart is that it ties the tooth fairy in with Santa Clause! When the tooth fairy isn’t able to do her job, Santa helps her out on Christmas Eve since he’s going to be out doing deliveries anyway! This shows the importance of friendship and teamwork and also reinforces being on the good list is your kids believe in Santa too!

From good brushing habits to manners and all the things we want to teach our kids, Hanson wonderfully ties it all together with the magic of the tooth fairy and Santa.

Thanks to technology and social media, we all know what everyone else does for these types of events. You just have to choose what is right for your family. Hanson beautifully addresses the questions that kids may have and answers them in a way that helps us as parents. The Christmas Tooth Fairy would be a great gift for kids this Christmas and I know moms will appreciate it too!




About the Book

The award-winning story is a rare television interview with the tiny Tooth Fairy who reveals magical poetry used to do her job, and answers age-old questions: why some kids get more money, why the tooth may be there in the morning, what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth. Then she tells what happened one Christmas when she was grounded by a wing torn inside the room of a very messy child, when Santa Claus gave a helping hand, and a very special wish came true.

About the Author

Murlie Hanson is a recognized award-winning author who promotes education and creative thinking. She has lived in Norway, Bolivia, and in both the least and most populated states in America. She has been a Fulbright Scholar, a reporter, a columnist, and wrote a legal rights handbook for the disabled. She practices trust law in California where she resides with her husband, and is writing a legal fiction novel.

About the Illustrator

Award-winning artist, Lauren Oliveira, spent her childhood on the Monterey Peninsula. Her artistic ability comes from a long line of family artists. Her love for art was evident at a very young age, a natural precursor to illustrating a children’s book. She continues doing consigned projects and works in San Francisco.


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