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Kids really are like little sponges, soaking up everything in their little brains! That can be a good thing, or it can be a very bad thing. As parents it’s our job to guide them and make sure the proper things are being absorbed!

I remember being in kids clubs at church where we learned memory verses and I loved it! Unfortunately due to busy schedules, my kids aren’t a part of anything like this now. That’s why I was really excited to read I Can Learn the Bible with them. The focus is on memorization so it’s perfect for my five and six year olds to learn verses at home. I love what it says at the beginning of the book:

“It’s not about getting our kids into the Word; it is about getting the Word into our kids.”

The book has 52 scriptures that every kid should know. Looking through initially, I knew most of them but felt challenged myself to learn and re-learn the ones I didn’t. Since there are 52 verses, it is designed to do one a week for a year.

I like the breakdown of the lesson for the week because I feel like it will really help drive the point home and have the verse hidden in their heart, mind and soul. Each day there is something to do but it is so small that anyone can do it.

  • Monday: Read the devotional and have your child read or repeat the verse after you
  • Tuesday: Have your child memorize the first phrase of the verse and talk about what it means
  • Wednesday: Memorize the middle part of the verse and talk and ask questions about what it means
  • Thursday: Memorize the last part of the verse and talk and ask questions while working on saying the whole verse
  • Friday: Reread the devotional and recite the entire verse
  • Saturday and Sunday: Continue to review and recite until it is sealed forever in their heart

What a great way to really get the lesson home and the verse memorized. I know at the kids club they did for a while we’d basically do the verse right before and say it over and over so they could recite it to their teacher. Doing it this way though, they would forget it in a few days. Working on every day for a week is a sure fire way to make it stick.

I love the topics of the devotional and that they are geared towards the little ones and what they are dealing with in their lives and learning about.

I Can Learn the Bible is a great way to teach your kids verses and have them hidden in their heart so that when the time comes in life, they can call upon God’s word without ever having to pick it up. This would make an amazing gift this Christmas for the little ones in your life.



About the Book

Memory verses and devotions that will write God’s word on your children’s hearts.

In this 52-week devotional for children, author Holly Hawkins Shivers adapts the gift book The Joshua Code (written by her father, O.S. Hawkins) into a devotional that will help kids learn and live the scriptures. Using kid-friendly language, I Can Learn the Bible teaches scriptures in a way children can understand. Each week, kids will commit a new scripture to memory by reading a fun, engaging devotional that’s doable for a child. Matthew 7:7 will remind kids to always ask God for help. Philippians 1:6 will teach them that God is always working in their lives. And 50 more scriptures will continue to write the truth on their hearts so that they will remember it forever.

Parents using the gift book will love using the kids’ book as a discussion tool for the entire family. A great gift for baptisms, confirmations, and any special occasion, I Can Learn the Bible includes clever tips for memorizing scripture. Each new day and each new verse will reinforce to young readers that “God’s Word is FOR ME and TO ME, it is IN ME and working THROUGH ME, and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!”

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