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Well it’s about time! Why do boys get to have all the fun with building things? My five year old daughter is so creative and imaginative when she plays and she loves to make things. It really is hard to find things for her outside of Legos where she can build and those aren’t really her thing.

I knew she would be as excited as I was to find the Build and Imagine sets! Created just for girls, although boys can play too, these cute Story Wall’s are like 3-D storybook’s! They are magnetic pieces that can be put together to create endless combinations. It’s all up to the individual’s imagination!

I brought this set camping with us for Paige to play with and of course my son Reed wanted in on the action!


I was a little bit concerned when I read they were magnetic because anything we’ve gotten that’s magnetic doesn’t seem to stick very well like the dress up doll sets. These, however, were very strong! You really could pile them on top of each other and they automatically stuck together in the right places and stayed that way!


Paige kept asking me how it was “supposed” to be and look and wanted me to look at the directions. Strangely, there weren’t any! They are supposed to depend on their own imaginations and creativity to create. I was surprised that Paige struggled with this at first because she’s such a creative girl. I think she just wasn’t used to being given the option and that there was no “right” or “wrong” way to do it.

The set comes with two dolls and a bunch of little magnetic accessories to add to the fun.


It was really interesting to watch both of my older kids working together on this and watching the way their minds work.


Reed was more structural and trying to make it look like a literal closed house while Paige worked more with the open concept so she could still see everything. These are designed to educate kids and teach them skills in science, math and thinking skills.

I love the Build & Imagine sets and was thrilled that Paige could combine her love of dolls and houses with her imagination! This would make a great gift for little girls this Christmas, and I’m sure they will be nice and share with their brothers too!



Product Description

Build & Imagine StoryWall play-sets contain illustrated scenes that children
can build, decorate, and use as a backdrop for imaginative play.

We call them StoryWalls because it’s like building a
storybook setting in 3-D and then jumping in to play!

Sets include doll(s), illustrated building panels that
combine magnetically to create endless combinations,
and dozens of magnetic accessories to customize your scene.

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