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Terri’s Thoughts

Everyone wears earbuds in today’s world. But how can you separate your earbuds from the rest of your family members? It’s simple!  You can customize you’re your ear bud cords with Steezys.

These adorable charms clip right onto the wires of your headphones. They have a gator type clip that will not cut through the wires or damage them whatsoever.


These charms are easy to install and they look great too. They are lightweight so they will not pull your ear buds down and you won’t even notice they are there.

For the holiday season I am going to put these cute charms in everyone’s stockings. My family is going to have so much fun customizing their ear bud cords.


Steezy’s charms come in over 55 different styles, so they have quite a variety. Here are some of my favorite categories.

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The charms are made of good quality and don’t look like cheap tin accessories. Instead they are made well, have vibrant colors and are made to last. I hope my family is as excited to accessorize their earbuds as I am. I can’t wait to personalize my plain white earbuds to make them specifically mine. I accessorize everything and now even my headphones. Now no one will confuse my headphones for theirs ever again thanks to Steezys.

Product Description

Steezys are the hot new accessory that’s sweeping the nation! Just clip some Steezys charms on to your headphone or earbud wires, and show the world your style. Steezys are collectable, and tradeable. It’s fun to wear more than one. And, Steezys charms make great gifts. Until now, headphone and earbud wires have been so boring. We’re out to change that with Steezys! #nonakedcords #getsteezy

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