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I have a van with a lot of big windows! While we’d like to get them tinted; it’s not quite in the budget yet with Christmas right around the corner. Even when they are tinted, it doesn’t completely block the harmful rays of the sun. With three kids ages 6, 5 and almost 1, this is of great concern to me.

We all know the damage that sun can do, even if it’s not direct sunlight. Not to mention the fact that no one wants the sun right in their faces. That’s why these Giraffe sun shades are exactly what we needed.

The sunshades come two in a pack and so I was able to cover two of the windows in my van. The two youngest sit in the middle row and that’s where I chose to place them. Reed has the whole back row to himself so he can choose the side he sits on according to where the sun is and more easily move out of it’s way.

My five year old Paige thought these sun shades were more like window dressing or a fun accessory. She just loves the Giraffe’s and it’s kind of fun how you can see it on both sides so other kids in other vehicles will pass by and know one of their own is close by!



The sun shades come with four plastic suction cups to affix to the window. They are not actually attached to the shade so you can adjust them and put them exactly where you want. You simply pinch the edges to open them up and attach them to the sunshade. Then you push it onto the window wherever you want it.


I like that the suction cups are so easily put on and removed but still don’t fall off. Since we have a van with large windows there have been times I’ve had to move the shade and I can do it easily in under a minute.

The shades protect my kids from the harmful rays of the sun and adds to their comfort level, especially for baby Jax who doesn’t understand how to move away from the sun and strapped in a car seat can’t easily escape it!


The Giraffe two pack is a great price at just $19.97 on Amazon and the peace of mind you get is priceless!





aabb6a3ba7dbf340127c7a01857722da36866cc2Product Description

Giraffe Design Premium Car Window Sun Shades (2 Pack)

Cute, playful and unique specially designed animal sunshades.
Protects babies and kids from harmful UV rays, sun glare, with a twist pop open design.
Keeps the car interior cool and provides comfort allowing for an enjoyable car ride for your child.
Easy to put up and adjust with 2 clear suction cups per shade, no need to smooth it out or peel it off the window.when you want it to and won’t leave any sticky residue.
Also easy to store, it’s lightweight spring wire design easily twists and folds away.
For use in all seasons, and a standard size 17″ x 14″ to fit almost all cars, it’s mesh design means you can still see through it so it won’t block your vision.
Comes with a FREE Boredom Busters For Kids © Guide – ideas to keep your child entertained while on the road.



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