A Guide To Creating A More Active Family Liefstyle


Are you worried about your family’s health? Do you think that your kids need to be more active? Yes? Then perhaps it is time to make some changes to your family’s lifestyle.

Teaching your children the importance of a healthy lifestyle, should be a priority. To do this, it is vital that you and your partner are fit and healthy yourselves. It is crucial that you practice what you preach. If you nag your children to be more active but spend your free time sitting on the couch, you are not setting a good example for them.

Statistics show that children whose parents don’t embrace exercise have a higher risk of becoming unhealthy and overweight. Don’t be one of those parents, make sure to keep your kids active.

Aside from the regular forms of exercise, like running, swimming and cycling, there are also many other exciting alternatives to try. It doesn’t matter what you do to exercise, as long as you are moving about; you are burning calories. As long as you are having fun and moving around, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

When dealing with children it is often a good idea to come up with original exercise ideas, things that they associate with fun and excitement.

For our ultimate guide to creating a more active family, have a read of our tips below:

Make sure to keep exercise activities fun

Come up with unique ideas that will keep your children moving about whilst having fun. If you have young children, why not plan a family treasure hunt – it’s easy to do, lots of fun and a great way to keep active. Head to the local park and hide small objects around it, give each child a map to help them find all the hidden treasure. With treasure at stake, you can guarantee that the whole family will be running around.

Alternatively, go on a bug hunt. Put on your wellies and head out to your local woodland area and search for the most colourful bugs you can find. To keep your kids running around, offer a prize to whoever finds the most interesting insect.


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Don’t overdo it

Don’t push your children too far. If you push them too much, they will start to feel uncomfortable and may even resent exercise. Make sure to keep exercise fun and relaxed.

Plan activities in 10-minute lengths, then give the kids a 5 minute breather. Don’t force adult length exercise on your children, it will be too much for them. If they want to join you for some of your workout that’s fine, but don’t make them.

Remember, children are easily distracted and struggle to focus for long time periods, so they don’t enjoy long exercise sessions. Keep kids exercise sessions quick and fun.

Kids are hot wired to love spur of the moment play, so suggesting a quick game of tag or a quick kick about with a football, is perfect for them.

Take time out to exercise

It is important that you and your partner keep in good shape too, so make sure to set aside time for the two of you to work out. Setting a good example to your children is vital for teaching them that exercise is important.

If you don’t have the time to get out of the house, have a look at home workouts at workoutbox for ideas and exercise regime inspiration.

Encourage exercise


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Make sure to always encourage your children to exercise. Don’t overdo it, but if your child expresses an interest in a fitness activity make sure to help them explore it.

For instance, if your child loves watching you do your home workouts, you could buy a child-friendly fitness DVD for you to do as a family. Make sure to choose a low-impact exercise DVD that have been specially designed for children’s bodies. Ensure you treat it like an adult workout – if you usually put on sportswear for a workout do the same for a family workout, etc.

If your child is sports mad, encourage their enthusiasm by throwing a sports party for them. Instead of a regular birthday party with pass-the-parcel and musical chairs, host your child’s party in a sports location. Such as a football pitch, indoor ski center, rock climbing center, or at an ice rink. This gives your child a chance to try out new activities with their friends. You never know, they may discover an aptitude for rock climbing or a love of figure skating.

Sometimes it can pay to let your child win. If you find that your little one is eager to participate in running races, play against them and let them win. This helps to build physical fitness as well as self-esteem.

Offer support

If your child is nervous about a sporting activity or event, make sure to give them lots of encouragement and support.

For example, if you child is nervous about an upcoming basketball match, take them to shoot hoops and get some practice in. Playing in sporting events can be nerve wracking, so always make sure you offer your child as much support as possible.

If your child is anxious about a school fitness activity like a fitness test, help them train for it. Speak to your child’s teacher to find out what is required for the fitness test and go out and practice as a family. If your child can see that you and your partner are doing it, they won’t feel as anxious about doing it themselves.

Do something as a family

Sign up for a local sporting event as a family. Have a look out for local sports events, once you have found the perfect one sign your whole family up. You can all train together, build up your fitness together and compete together.

You could also find some local sports clubs that you and your family could join. Many sports facilities run family clubs like tennis, badminton and squash. Have a look out for clubs in your local area that your family could join.

If there is an individual skill or sport that your child would like to improve, why not sign them up for sports coaching classes? Kids love learning how to improve their skills; that’s why after school coaching classes are a great way to keep them active.

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