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My Thoughts

I am so thoroughly impressed with this book and everything that it represents! Brave Girls Bible Stories is such an amazing representation of the great women of the Bible.

I love the creative spin put on the retelling of these Bible stories by using five brave girls named Hope, Glory, Faith, Gracie and Honor to tell them. The book starts with an introduction to all five girls and tells a little bit of each of their stories, paralleling their names.

Starting with the Old Testament, the stories each begin with a Bible verse and a personal story told by one of the girls. It is then related to a Bible story with a great woman, told the way a young girl would tell it. It’s Biblically accurate and taken straight from the Bible, just put into words a young girl can understand and more importantly, relate to. Then at the end, the girl telling it gives a little more perspective on the subject to tie it all together and closes with a prayer.

I have never seen Bible stories told quite like this and I have read a lot of them! I like that it’s so personalized and geared towards young girls because I feel like it really has the power to reach them.

My daughter Paige is only five and I thought this might be a bit old for her but she was hanging on my every word. They are a little big longer than what we are used to reading together at 6 – 8 pages but she paid attention the whole time and asked for the next one. She loved the pictures of the little girls and kept asking me what their names were. It was a great opportunity for me to talk about what those names mean.

There is a big span in the age recommendation of 4 – 12 years but I can see why. The younger ones like mine can be read to and it really opens the door and help teaches them what it means to be brave and talk about Bible stories they are starting to be familiar with. Girls on the older end of the spectrum will read to themselves and probably take away something completely different based on where they are in their own spiritual life.

Regardless of their age, Brave Girls Bible Stories has the power to reach girls on their level and teach them in a way that they will understand. What a perfect gift for little girls this holiday season!




About the Book

We have this hope, so we are very brave.

2 Corinthians 3:12

If you had to name the top five bravest people you know, who would make the list? Maybe your mom or dad? A pastor? A teacher? A friend? You?

Chances are, you’ve probably never thought of yourself as brave. After all, it’s not likely that you’ve rescued someone from a burning building or saved someone from drowning (you know, all those heroic acts you’ve seen someone do on TV that everyone calls “brave”). No, you are just you, doing your school thing, going to church, and having fun with hobbies and friends. No real need for bravery around here, you might think.

Well, that’s what the girls in our church youth group thought at first too. Hope, Honor, Glory, Faith, and Gracie didn’t see anything really spectacular about their lives. A word like bravery was supposed to be saved for big-time heroes, not small-town, ordinary girls, right?

So when they all began studying how God used ordinary girls in the Bible to accomplish amazing things for His kingdom, they were blown away. Story after story showed how God worked incredible wonders whenever His girls simply followed His lead. It didn’t take sensational abilities or outrageous events—just simple faith from regular people trusting an extraordinary God to do miraculous things.

Our youth group girls are all super excited to tell you what God has shown them about His brave Bible girls and the really cool ways He’s helping them to be brave for God at school, at home, in their sports, with their friends—pretty much everywhere. It seems God didn’t just make girls brave back then. He’s still at it today. And now He’s calling you. Ready for some action? Be brave and turn the page. It’s time to get going!

And remember: it’s His love that makes us strong!

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