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My Thoughts

I love dealing with my kids with humor whenever possible. Life is just too short to not laugh whenever you can! Some things obviously have to be taken seriously and humor is inappropriate but others, like hygiene, can actually be helpful to use a little silly!

Yesterday I reviewed Decibella from Julia Cook that dealt with using appropriate voice levels so I was really looking forward to reading another book from her, Hygiene You Stink.

I admit my first impression of this one wasn’t as good but that’s basically because at first, I didn’t get it. I knew the forks name was Jean, AKA, Hygiene but I thought it was literally just talking about keeping your silverware clean! But as the pages went on I quickly realized that she was really referring to overall hygiene and why it’s important.

I like how Cook has witty names for her characters like the forks name is Jean but when they say “Hi Jean” it sounds like Hygiene! My kids are five and six so we’re just really getting to where this is an issue. I notice things like dirty nails on my six year old and my five year old has messy hair all the time.

This book is a great introduction into all kinds of hygiene including why it’s important to bath, keep clean etc. It can be an uncomfortable conversation when kids are tweens so it’s better to get it instilled in them when they are younger. If they are used to understanding why bathing is important, it won’t be such a leap to conversations about deodorant etc.

My kids thought this was hilarious because of how many times it said “you stink.” At this age, everything is funny, especially words like stinky. It’s clever of her to use this angle because it gets them paying attention and listening to what will be said next.

Hygiene You Stink is a great tool to use with your kids in discussing personal hygiene. If you give this book to your kids this Christmas, you’ll also be giving a gift to yourself, and everyone around your children!




About the Book

How do you make young children understand the importance of bathing and brushing? In this inegenious tale, young readers are sure to get the message that good hygiene will improve their health and their relationships!
The story centers around a fork named Jean who hates taking baths in the sink and detests showering in the dishwasher.

Jean the Fork just can’t figure out why people are not using her as frequently, or why the other forks, knives and spoons avoid her. When she asks the wise old can opener about it, he replies
Well, I hate to break it to you my friend Fork, but it appears you smell like last week’s pork!
In the fifth book in her award-winning Building Relationships series, author Julia Cook offers a hilarious approach to a very personal issue – good hygiene!


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