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During our camping trip for Thanksgiving weekend I brought a lot of new things for the kids to play with. Sometimes we get stuck outside for long periods of time while the baby is napping and other times they just get a little bored. It was the perfect opportunity to try the Fashion Sticker Book from Galt Toys.


Paige is my little budding fashionista! She loves all things fashion. I have no idea where she gets this from because it’s certainly not from me! But it’s something I want her to embrace, even if I don’t get it or relate to it as much as she does. She loves to dress up and match her shoes and accessories to her outfits. That’s why I knew she would love this sticker book!


It is twenty pages of different scenes and dolls and tons of stickers to choose from. She literally spent hours carefully picking out the stickers and dressing up the dolls. At first I thought it would buy me twenty minutes tops because a sticker book is something you can really only do once. But she literally spent hours on it because she wanted everything to be perfect!

When we left for home, she played with it again on the two hour trip home. Her brother Reed who previously pretended not to be interested, was helping her pick stickers and they had fun the entire trip playing with this together!


The stickers are really good quality and don’t tear when you remove them. That’s one thing I worried about with it because it seems like whenever we get something like this, the stickers are thin and cheap and tear and then Paige is upset. Not one of these stickers tore on her and they stayed down wherever she placed them.


The sticker book is a fun way for Paige to express herself, dream and imagine. This Fashion Sticker Book would make a great gift for little girls this Christmas. It doesn’t cost much but it will buy you hours of peace while your little girl is playing!



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