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Kids need to be comfortable when they are active which is hopefully, a lot of the time! My six year old son Reed hasn’t quite found his perfect sport yet so we have been exploring them all! From baseball to swimming, basketball and everything in between; he is at the age that the possibilities are endless! We try them all and hopefully one day he will settle into one or two that he really loves.

He is one of those kids that has some sensory issues and is really picky about having comfortable clothing. That is doubly true when he is active, sweating and moving around a lot. That’s why I was excited about the Youth Dryv Baller 2.0 shorts that are specifically designed for basketball and sports.

The World’s Best Basketball Shorts Just Got Better. In our goal to continue to innovate on behalf of ballplayers worldwide, DRYV 2.0 has been upgraded with enhanced moisture control technology guaranteed to keep your hands dry all game long, helping you perform in those critical moments. Our performance basketball gear’s new lightweight fabrication allows the shorts to move with your body, and smokin’ new colorways keep you looking fresh on and off the court. All our shorts are dope but really…these are the best we’ve ever made. Trust us.

These shorts are everything they claim to be and more! Reed loves to wear them because they are so comfortable and I love the sporty and even fashionable design of them! They are available in a variety of colors and all of them appeal to me.

whiteshorts_5d12bdfb-b2e9-44a4-8f42-cb82c83ae120_grande bluefront_2

The part on the side that looks like a diamond pattern is soft and the material is all breathable for when they are active.

I love the shirt just as much! The Shootaround Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt is equally comfortable and perfectly designed.


SHOOTAROUND is performance basketball apparel that was designed to be worn from lay-up lines to postgame. Made from the softest moisture wicking fabric around, there are ventilated heat zones around the collar and armpits where ballers sweat most, and a thumb loop with silicone hand grip to keep your hands warm without losing ball control.

DSCN1409 Also available in a variety colors, it’s the perfect companion to the shorts.


My favorite feature of the shirt is the thumb loop to keep the sleeves down and out of the way so kids can stay warm while playing and not have their shirt get in the way.

There are also heat zones for the armpits and collars where you sweat the most to help keep you from overheating and to allow the body to cool off the way it was designed to.

DSCN1405I love the Point 3 outfit and think it would make such a great Christmas gift for your little sports star this year!




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