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We all take selfies nowadays don’t we? I’m not a huge fan of taking just pictures of myself but I do like to take them with my kids or our whole family. Now that our family has expanded to five, it’s really hard to get everyone in the frame without cutting off someone’s head! That’s where the selfie stick comes in handy. It extends up to 3.3 feet so you can finally fit everyone in without having a long arm at the front of the picture or half a head on the side.

It easily fit my iPhone 5 and the dials adjust so that you can get a secure fit on your phone. That was one thing I worried about since I’ve already cracked my phone by dropping it. I felt confident enough in the fit once I tried it to let my phone go and use it! It is made to fit any smart phone and adjusts quickly for a snug fit.


You have to first charge the Selfie Stick which only took about an hour until the indicator light turns off. Then pair it with your smartphone using the bluetooth function. This took a couple of seconds and it was ready to use! Here are complete instructions.


I was impressed with the simplicity and ease of use with the selfie stick. It will come in handy when we do day trips like hikes where there isn’t anyone there to take a picture for us or we just don’t feel like bothering someone to ask. I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that even when someone is kind enough to take a picture of my family for me; they never care enough to make sure everyone is looking, not blinking, smiling, not blurry etc. This way I can control my family pictures and know right away if they came out well.

The only downside I see to the selfie stick is having to take it in and out. Obviously I’m not going to carry my phone around in it all the time so it’s just something I’ll use occasionally when I know I’ll be taking a lot of pictures.

The selfie stick would make a great gift for teens and tweens that take a lot of pictures but also for families like mine that want to get great shots all on their own!




Product Description

Wireless shutter button on the handle for easy selfie taking
Extends up to 3.3FT
Adjusts to fit an smatphone
Slip resistant rubberized handle
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed when purchased through Filltech





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