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My kids love puzzles and whenever I get anything new like the Puzzle Battle Jungle, I like to bring it with me camping. There is lots of downtime like when the baby is taking a nap in the trailer that the kids have to be outside. It’s the perfect chance to give them something new to do and spend some quality time with my older kiddos.

The puzzle battle is two different puzzles that have the same amount of pieces and when they are complete make one big picture. To play the game, each child gets one puzzle and they both try to complete it and whoever finishes first, wins!


It is rated for 6+ and my five and six-year-olds played together. I think the age all depends on how skilled they are doing puzzles. My five-year-old actually did fine and won every time, beating my six year old! Shhhh don’t tell Reed I told you!

I liked that there were pictures of what the puzzle would look like to help them put them together. In fact, if you have one that isn’t good at puzzles or just needs a little extra help, they could even build it right on top of the sample picture because they are the same size.


They had fun putting them together and trying to see who could finish first. It was the perfect thing to keep them occupied during the babies naptime. I walked them through it and sat with them once but then when I was done and left to do something else, they did it again and again all on their own. It’s fun that it something they can do by themselves and it is challenging and a little bit competitive.


The Puzzle Battle Jungle would make a cute gift for Christmas this year for anyone that enjoys doing puzzles along with a little friendly competition.



Product Description

Puzzle Battle
Ready for a piece of the action? In this new twist, find two puzzles inside one box! The first player to put their jungle scene together will be crowned the winner! Beware: both puzzles might look identical, but colors vary and the images are reversed. It is up to you to be observant and faster than your opponent to become ruler of the jungle.

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