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I have always wanted a video baby monitor! When I had my first baby almost seven years ago they were so expensive and cost several hundred dollars. It was an expense we just couldn’t justify at the time. Several years later things have changed. Not only have they gone down in price; they have gone up in quality and options that are available.

We went camping for Thanksgiving and it was the perfect opportunity to try out my new Levana video baby monitor.


My five and six year olds are finally at the age where I feel comfortable leaving them in the trailer with a movie while my husband and I enjoy the fire outside. Now that we have another baby, I thought those days were over just when they’d begun. But now they don’t have to be!

I set up one of the cameras in the trailer and took the monitor out to the fire with me. It was so nice to be able to relax and have the comfort of seeing my baby at the same time.


The set actually comes with two cameras so you could put them in different locations in the same room or put them in two different children’s rooms. What a great option to have without purchasing multiple sets! You can even purchase additional camera’s and ad up to four to be monitored together.

The cameras turn a full 360° and you can control it from the handheld monitor. Before the baby was asleep and just playing in the trailer, I could follow his every move by touching the buttons to move from left to right, and even up-and-down.


You can also control the sound and turn the volume up and down if you want to listen to what is going on as well. You can even communicate with them and your voice comes out of the speaker on the camera! We had a little bit of fun messing with the kids while they were in the trailer and hearing our voices come out of the monitor! Of course the practical use for this (besides messing with kids) is to try to comfort your child with the sound of your voice before going in there. I find that sometimes this comforts Jax enough to where I don’t even have to go in the room.


Another super fun feature that I absolutely love is the ability to play a variety of music from the monitor, through the camera itself. With the touch of a button I could play music for Jax when I saw he was a little bit fussy and not going right to sleep.

At home he has a light up mobile that plays music and he is used to going to sleep to that. It was perfect to be able to turn on music without going inside and distracting him, and it comforted him and he went right to sleep.

The monitor shows a picture that is pretty clear. It’s not like watching TV or anything but it is good enough for what we need it for. My husband and I got a kick out of watching him on the monitor before he went to sleep. It’s funny to see the things kids do when they think no one is watching. We called it watching Jax TV. The attached stand even lets you set it up where you don’t have to hold it.


I had a little bit of a hard time figuring out a few of the features and the directions were very limited and didn’t go into detail about each one. I learned how to use it by trial and error but it was simple enough to figure out on my own in one night.


Another great feature is the “PEEP” mode where the monitor goes to sleep to preserve the battery up to 36 hours and comes to life when the baby makes a peep! The ability to use a battery was perfect for camping and is nice at home too when I need to go from room to room and don’t want to deal with unplugging and finding new outlets. I also love that I plug it in to charge without having to remove the batteries.

Speaking of going to sleep, the invisible LED light makes it so that no bright lights are keeping your baby awake coming from the camera. I know I have a hard time sleeping when there is any light in the room and I don’t want anything keeping my baby up at night!


I have always wanted a baby video monitor and I am really happy with the Levona Stella and it’s features. Having the ability to enjoy time with my husband while keeping an eye on my baby made my vacation relaxing! Well, as relaxing as it can be with three children!

This would make an amazing gift for any mom. It gives such a great comfort to not only be able to hear your baby, but to also see them and be able to communicate and comfort them and the Stella baby monitor allows you to do that!




Product Description

Stella™ (S)tel-la)
Meaning: Star
Stella showcases your little superstar on a large 4.3” screen. You’ll love Stella’s whisper quiet pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera, Smart LED volume level indicator ring and battery life of up to 36 hours. Your baby will love the three soothing lullabies, invisible night vision LEDs and Talk to Baby™ intercom. With so many handy features plus a 750ft digital wireless range, Stella makes doing more at naptime a breeze.

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