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We went on a camping trip for Thanksgiving weekend and there is lots of down time to contend with. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring the Galt Paint a tea set for Paige.


Paige is my artistic child and loves painting. She also happens to love tea sets and is constantly begging me to have tea parties with her. In fact, her last birthday party was a tea party so this really was the perfect gift for her.


The little tea set is kind of miniature looking and really adorable. It came with two sets of paints that each had six colors.


One thing I immediately loved about the paints is it has a little tab on top and one on bottom. To open the paint you just squeeze the two together. No more broken nails to contend with!


Paige had a blast painting her tea set. She wanted to paint each piece a different color. She spent over an hour creating the perfect set. Now she has a tea set she can keep in the trailer and will always have the memory of when and where she created it.


The only bummer is that it’s breakable and she did already drop and break one piece. It is rated for 8+ and she’s only 5 so that made be a difference in maturity and how well kids take care of their things.

The Galt Paint a tea set would make the perfect gift for a little girl this holiday season. I know mine will cherish it for years to come.



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