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My kids love to play games and lately we have been having family game night. The Christmas Dominoes is a great game for us to play this Christmas Season. Spending time and really, really spending time and making memories this year is important to me as I realize my kids are only going to grow up faster and faster each year! Yikes!

I have son’s ages two and six years old and with four years apart at this young age it is harder to find a game that we can all play together. This is a game they can both play. The Christmas Dominos can be matched up by color, the number of pictures, the number or the number word. The game pieces are large and sturdy which is good for my two year old. He can only match the colors and the pictures. My six year old can match the Christmas Dominos by color, picture, number and by the word.


This is a fast game, but that is good for my two year old. We can play it over and over which is good for my six year old. We did have to bend the rules just a little to make the pieces work for everyone to finish all their turns. As my two year old gets older we will be able to play by stricter rules…ha!

Christmas Dominos works best on the floor because the pieces are large. The pictures and patterns are nice and bold and the characters are cute. I really appreciate that the game was easy to get out and set up.

I really love having and playing Christmas games! Christmas Dominoes fits in great to our family game night! This game would make a great early Christmas present for children on your list this year!

Product Description

This first domino game and story booklet will help children to learn the story of Jesus’ birth while playing with the whole family. The large, colorful dominoes include a mixture of characters, numbers, and animals. Children will develop communication, sharing, counting, and matching skills. The packaging includes 28 pieces, the rules for the game, and a booklet of the Christmas story.


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