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We have Christmas at my house this year for the first time since the year we moved into our house in 2011. Of course my mind instantly started a to-do list of all the things we need to get the house ready. It isn’t every day I entertain my entire family so why not use it as an excuse to spruce the place up?

We painted our entire house when we moved in. Unfortunately, our blessed little children have done some damage! My five year old daughter Paige’s room is especially bad since we went through the terrible two’s the year we moved in, and three’s, and… There are literally little holes in the wall where she has thrown toys.

As I looked around I noticed a lot of other spots, especially down low on corners where the kids had raced around and rammed into walls with their ride on toys. Even though the paint is just a couple years old, it was time for a touch up.

The Color-Glide Pro is the perfect thing for the job! This just makes it truly effortless. We followed the directions, starting with mixing the paint in the can well. Since we had the house painted since we moved in, we had the extra paint cans so we didn’t have to worry about color matching and all that.

With the included tube, you just pump the paint into the applicator tube. The tube is then good to go! The felt applicator tip reminds me of what I used to patch nail holes in the walls. It makes it really easy to apply without big gobs of paint and without dripping down the wall. You just give it a little squeeze and the perfect amount is easily controlled. There is a little ball in the tube so you can shake it up whenever needed or before next use.

The thing I love best about this system is the applicator tube. I’m a little bit OCD and love organization and structure! The tube has boxes to check off for where the paint goes like the bedroom, kitchen, family room etc. It also allows you to put what kind of pair it is like matte, satin or semi-glass. It’s a great place to store the paint for future touch ups and you will know exactly what tube to grab because it’s labeled!

This Color-Glide Pro was exactly what we needed to give our house a little face lift before the holidays! I’m sure it’ll need another one after the holidays as well. Tis the season!



Product Description

Paint n Go with Color-Glide Pro Applicator Tube – 1 Medium Tube and paint transfer pump – retail packaging

Color-Glide provides an easy to use system to rid your home of ugly paint cans by using an applicator tube that was designed for quick painting jobs without any of the hassles of setting up or cleaning up. Just use the paint transfer pump to fill the tube with your color matched paint. Paint, wipe the applicator clean, and store for a later date. It’s that easy. Get one for every color and every room.

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