Give the Gift of Peace of Mind and Security with the DE 5,200mah 2.1A Portable Powerbank with Flashlight #HolidayGiftGuide


My Thoughts

How many times have you been somewhere and needed your phone, only to discover you have a dead battery? For me it’s been too many times to count! I play with my phone all the time, draining the battery. Normally that’s ok because I have a car charger but if I’m on a day hike or somewhere like Disneyland, I can get myself into trouble! The problem is my phone drains the battery so fast, even when I try to preserve it, it’ll die on me in a day.

The Portable Powerbank with Flashlight is exactly what I needed! I have been shopping around for a Powerbank and only recently discovered that they make them with flashlights too! That’s double protection for me! Especially if I get stuck somewhere and need a flashlight. Sadly, I’m more likely to have a power source for my phone than a flashlight so this saves me from myself and forces me to be prepared!

It is really a nice looking Powerbank and I love the Camel color. It’s also available in Red but this color blends nicely with my tan purse and just looks like a cute accessory!

The flashlight is surprisingly powerful for something that serves double duty. Usually I find when electronic gadgets are combined; it makes them both substandard but not so in this case. The light is bright and powerful and the charing part works well with my iPhone. I just plug it in and charge! It charged a lot faster than I thought it would.

I have already needed the charger twice in the short time that I have had it. I just use it to get my phone charged enough and haven’t completely charged it yet. I figure this is more for emergencies and I don’t want to drain it by using regularly.

I think all women should have these in their purse. As a busy mom, I try to make sure my phone is fully charged before leaving the house but it doesn’t always happen. I’d hate to have a flat tire or get lost on one of my hikes and not be able to call for help. The Powerbank Flashlight would make a great stocking stuffer this year!


Product Description

31j4cAaOKLLCapacity: 5,200 mAh= 16 Hours of Extended Talk Time
Power: 2.1A of Power, Ports: 1
Includes Micro Cable, Internal Flashlight, and Manual
UL Approved Cells Are Our Safety Standard
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed when purchased through Filltech


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