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Lorinda’s Thoughts

The Galt Wooden Sailing Boat is a great kiddo project! My kids love to paint and do crafts, but this time I got this craft to give since we are approaching the holidays so quickly and I need some good gifts on hand! This kit comes with everything you need and it seems like it is all good quality.


My six year old son took a look at the GALT Wooden Sailing Boat and now he is asking and hoping that we keep it. I planned on giving it as a gift this Christmas when our homeschool group has a Christmas party. Who knows now, I will probably end up giving it to my son because I am interested in doing it too!


The instructions are simple pictures with numbers and seems like I could figure it out. There are also detailed instructions that you can read as well. I like that all the boat vocabulary is incorporated and and the instructions with pictures has a diagram so you know what the words are referring to.

In the set there are two of each color of paints. The boat is small, but if you want to paint a lot of one color there should still be enough. There is glue for the tiller and mast and varnish to cover the paint so that you can actually try the boat out in the water.


Now I am faced with the dilemma, do I give this as a gift, do we keep it or do I buy another so we can do both! No matter what I decide to do with it, I think that the Galt Wooden Sailing Boat would be a good gift for those who like crafts and projects or those that are really into boating.

Product Description

Paint and build your own wooden sailing boat. Follow the picture on the box or paint your own design with acrylic paints. Add stickers then brush with varnish for a shiny finish. Display your sailing boat in your room or try floating in the bath! Size of assembled boat: 22cm long x 24cm high by 8cm wide. Contents: wooden boat pieces, fabric sails, 12 x 6ml acrylic paints, paintbrush, varnish, glue, stickers, guide.

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