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My Thoughts

The Strider classic balance bike is such a great way for kids to learn how to ride a bike. It teaches them balance first and then prepares them for the balancing that comes along with peddling later. Bye eliminating the peddling, it simplifies it for them so that they can just focus on one thing at a time when learning.

My son who is now six first learned to ride a bike with the balance bike. The only problem with that was, he loved it so much that it was really hard for us to get him to transition to a bike with puddles! With my daughter, who is now five, it worked exactly as it should. She rode the bike for a few months and then she transitioned to a bike with petals.

Now we have Jax who is almost 1 year old. He is too young for the balance bike but he will be on it before we know it. The age range is 18 months to five years so he’s almost there! He has already shown a lot of interest in the bike and knows what it is for. He tries to lift it up and ride it. He just lacks the coordination and motor skills needed to start writing a bike but having the desire is a great sign that he will do awesome!


Check out this video I took of him and the bike. He is explaining in his own words how awesome it is!

The first balance bike that we had was a generic brand from a big store. When we got this Strider I could not believe the difference in quality! The generic one we got is too light weight and much smaller. It just doesn’t feel as sturdy or safe. It actually wasn’t that much cheaper than the strider for such an extreme difference in quality.

The strider runs around $100 which is probably the average for a starting bike for kids. It can be used as a starting bike just to teach them balance or, if they are like reed they might prefer it to a regular bike! I think he rode his for two years before he became so tall it was physically impossible for him.

Paige is five years old so she’s at the end of the age range but she can still ride it! Her legs look a little long but she’s under the weight limit of 60lbs and can still ride it!


Here she is giving us a demonstration.

We have had such a great experience with balance bikes with our first kids that I’m really looking forward to Jax getting to learn on one this time with the quality of a name like strider. With bikes, you get what you pay for so while there might be cheaper options out there, it is not worth it, especially when it comes to your child safety. The Strider Classic balance bike would make such a great gift for little toddlers out there getting ready to learn to ride bikes! Imagine the joy on their faces Christmas morning if they woke up to a Strider! It might look a little something like this….




Product Description

The 2014 Strider Classic Balance Bike is designed for children ages 18 months – 5 years or 30 – 44 inches tall.

Designed by a father in South Dakota in 2007, the Strider balance bike is now the bestselling balance bike in the United States. The Strider is a simple, no-pedal balance bike that allows children as young as 18 months to learn how to ride a bicycle.

2014 Strider Classic Balance Bike Features:

Lightweight, just 6.4 pounds.
Motocross style, adjustable handlebars allows you to raise them as the rider grows taller from 18 to 22 inches tall.
Durable mini saddle is narrow to fit smaller hips.
Adjustable seat grows from 11 inches to 16 inches tall with a machined aluminum binder clamp. A 5mm wrench is included.
Recommended for riders 3.5 years and older, you can purchase the optional Extra-Long Seatpost with Saddle that adjusts from 14 inches to 19 inches tall giving your child more years to ride.
All-terrain EVA polymer (industrial foam) tires. Never need air and never go flat. Upgrade to custom pneumatic (air) tires.
12″ molded wheels with sealed cartridge bearings
Durable welded steel frame, fork, and handlebars.
Sealed cartridge bearings roll smoothly and are maintenance-free for years.
Integrated footrest gives little feet a place to stand while gliding, pumping and jumping the bike.
Rear brake mount allows the addition of a foot brake (sold separately) once your little rider becomes proficient.
Certified lead-free powder coat finish is long lasting and durable.
2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Suggested rider weight limit: 60 pounds.



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