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My Thoughts

Bathtime has always been one of my favorite times with my kids. There is nothing sweeter than a clean snuggly baby in an adorable hooded towel! It has always been a bonding experience for me with each of my children.

My older two have sadly outgrown this a bit. My six year old Reed now takes showers and Paige likes to take baths alone and it’s no longer a nightly thing. Now that I have baby Jax, it’s so sweet to have this routine again! It’s even more sweet knowing this is my last baby and these times are not forever.


The products that I choose to use can be the difference between tearful baths and enjoyable ones. The My True Nature Shampoo and Body Wash and Bubble Bath that comes in the Tubby Time set gives no tears to my baby. It smells fresh and clean and gives him that baby smell that we all love so much.

I love that it is all natural with nothing extra added that can irritate my babies skin. At 10 months old, this is one of my favorite times of babyhood and I want to enjoy every moment. Bathtime should be a happy time, not a tearful one.

The My True Nature Tubby Time would make a cute stocking stuffer for baby this Christmas and will provide endless hours of those cherished bath times with your little one!



Product Description

This combo gift set includes a 12oz bottle of Dewey’s Bubble Bath and an 8oz bottle of Daisy’s 2-in-1 Shampoo/Body Wash. Perfect for a baby shower or birthday gift for that special child in your life.

Most of our ingredients are locally sourced from organic farms in California and the Pacific Northwest. Those ingredients that are not produced locally come from Germany.

Our bottles are made from 100% FDA-APPROVED RECYCLED PET plastic. Our pumps, caps and bottles are all BPA free and manufactured in the USA.


All-in-one gentle cleanser & moisturizer for face, hair and body

Plant-based, non-irritating cleansers, get your baby squeaky clean without irritating eyes or skin

Full of nourishing and calming organic botanicals including olive oil, aloe, and pure essential oils

Not tested on animals

Completely free of genetically modified organisms, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, triclosan or preservatives

100% recycled and reusable plastic bottle

Big, big bubbles that kids love to play with

No slippery residue left on skin or tub

Rich in organic botanicals including aloe, plantain & white peony tea extracts, & pure essential oils

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The IE Mommy

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  1. We sing 2 songs and read a book every night 🙂

  2. Denise Taylor-Dennis says:

    We love reading stories before bedtime.

  3. laurie nykaza says:

    Bath time and then off for a cup of tea

  4. Books

  5. Our favorite nighttime ritual is reading a book together.

  6. We all sit, snuggle, and talk about our day. They get a bit overly excited about parts, but for the most part it works to calm things down. ^_^

  7. we allways have story time before bed it is a nice way to settle down abnd cuddle up

  8. When I go visit my grandson up in Wisconsin I always read him a story book before he goes to bed at night-

  9. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I love reading a book to my children before bed!


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