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My Thoughts

I love every Crave Naturals product I have tried! In fact, the Whiplash Eyelash Curler was on my top 14 products of 2014 list! If you missed it, here is my original review and here is the favorites post. And just to make sure you don’t miss out, the Giveaway link will be posted again below for easy entry!

The Brush Set

Jen from the review crew previously did a review on The Brush Set here and I also had the opportunity to try it. These are good, solid, reliable brushes that replaced the cheap ones I had before. For such a quality set they are also relatively inexpensive at $15.88 for the set. I love how all of Craves products are always packaged so festively! This would make a perfect stocking stuffer and doesn’t even really need gift wrap!


The Detangling Brush

I also previously reviewed the Detangling Brush here. Before this brush, doing my five year olds hair was a daily battle that ended in tears. I am so thankful for this brush that somehow magically pulls out the tangles without pulling her hair. It has been a true lifesaver! This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any little girl, or big girl for that matter! Mommy loves this brush too!


The Tweezers Slant Tip Stainless Steel

These are my absolute favorite pair of tweezers and I will never go back to those cheap ones again!  You know, the ones that pull, pinch, tweak and cut you! Well not these! They are a nice, solid pair of reliable tweezers that pull perfectly without leaving you bloodied! Oh and they are perfectly packaged as well, making them the perfect little stocking stuffer!



The Mirage Premium Organic Argon Oil is my newest favorite product from Crave!  Designed to revitalize your hair, skin and nails and it really does work!

My hair, skin and nails have been a mess since having my last baby. I know they are supposed to be better since I’m taking pre-natals but pregnancy and childbirth seems to have the opposite effect on me and I needed some help! My nails seemed to be in the worst shape of all. They are dry and brittle and crack right below my nail line making it really painful.

I love that this comes with different applicators depending on what you are using. There is a dropper for your nails and a sprayer for your hair and skin. This makes applying it easy and necessary for a product with many uses!

I noticed the difference in my nails in a matter of weeks and they are now back to their full healthy appearance. I just used the dropper to apply every day and magically they are restored!

This Mirage is a bit pricey at $29 but since it actually works, I’d say it’s worth it!


My Conclusion

I have been absolutely thrilled with each and every Crave product I have tried! They make life easier and maintaining beauty less painful, as it should be! All of these would make adorable stocking stuffers. Just look how cute they look stuffed in mine!


Links are below to buy these items and don’t forget to enter the Giveaway to win them all!



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  1. I’d love to try the Mirage Premium Organic Argon Oil!

  2. I would love the whiplash eyelash curler!

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