Our Family Rules Canvas Art Print from Fulcrum Gallery Review (#FulcrumGallery)


My Thoughts

I have been looking for one of these Family Rules prints for quite a while since they recently became so popular! I could never find just the right one though. Either the size was wrong, the color was off, I didn’t like the wording or font OR it was just too expensive. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to over-analyze things when I shop because I hate making impulse purchases and regretting it later.

That’s why when I was shopping on Fulcrum Gallery’s website, I really took my time and looked at all my options to make sure I found just the right one!

How I Chose

Speaking of options, there are tons! I really had to decide ahead of time what I wanted to get and where I was putting it in order to narrow it down. My office is the room that really needs some help in the wall department. I have this tree print that I really don’t like. It matches in color and theme but the style is really off. To me it looks too old and not very modern.


I saw a lot of the Family Rules prints that I really liked.

This one is cute but I wanted more color and it was just a little bit too narrow for where I was putting it.


I really liked the colors on this one but again, the size wasn’t going to fit the space I needed it to.


When I finally spotted the Marla Rae Our Family Rules 1, I knew it was “the one!”


The colors really matched my office, the font was perfect and so were the rules themselves. I already have the neutral colors and the blues and reds actually tie it into the rest of the house. When you walk in my front door, if the office door is open you can see this wall so I love that it pulls the whole house together.


I chose the Canvas print but you can also get as a print, framed or unframed. I wanted Canvas because that’s what I have in the rest of the house. I feel like it’s more modern and less formal than what I was replacing.

It looks like it’s almost been painted on but the smooth surface is perfect because it can be easily wiped down if something gets on it. This canvas print is great quality! It’s 1 1/2″ thick so it stands out from the wall just enough.


It fits the space well and really pulls the room all together.


The Cost

Like I said earlier, I shopped around a lot for these so I’m pretty familiar with the cost. This option which is the 12 x 18 Canvas Art is on sale right now for $$68.99. I think that is pretty comparable to what else I’ve seen out there.

If you want to spend less, you can get just the print for $11.39 and frame it yourself. There are also a little bit more expensive options like the bigger sizes and/or framing. I personally like the look of the unframed canvas and it goes well with my house.

My Conclusion

I am absolutely thrilled with the Family Rules Canvas Print and the way that it looks in my office. I am not done with this room yet but I’m definitely going to be looking at Fulcrum Gallery to complete it!




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