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I recently did a review of Herbacin hand cream and absolutely loved the way it made my overly used mommy hands silky smooth so I was eager to try the Foot Care from Herbacin as well!

I’m not a fan of feet. I think they are gross and stinky and generally unpleasant to look at! I make sure to take care of my feet so they are as pretty as they can possible be. Summertime is especially important since I live in flip flops. Not only does this show my feet all the time; it also exposes them to more abuse so they need some taking care of and pampering. I tried several of the Foot Care products from Herbacin including:

Herbacin Foot Cream – Herbacin’s Foot Care Cream is the ultimate moisturizer for sensitive and highly stressed feet. Packed with natural oils, camomile flower extract, allantoin and panthenol, Herbacin’s Foot Cream helps to soothe and regenerate the skin. This product is 100% paraben and mineral oil free as well as free from animal derived ingredients and artificial colors. 3.4 fl.oz,$6.00

Herbacin Foot Peel – Packed with Himalayan salt and almond oil, Herbacin’s Foot Peel is particularly gentle, deep cleansing and aids in smoothing rough skin. Its special scrub removes superfluous cornea and smoothes the skin’s texture in a very gentle way. 3.4 fl.oz, $9.00

Herbacin Foot Cooling Gel – Perfect for hot, heavy, tired feet and legs, Herbacin’s Foot Cooling Gel contains menthol, menthol lactate and camphor to ensure long-lasting and delightfully invigoration freshness. Its active ingredients from red vine leaves and horse chestnuts simultaneously strengthen and tone the veins and enhance the blood flow in your legs. 3.4 fl.oz, $5.00

Herbacin Foot Warming Balm – With Avocado, almond oil and natural camomile extract, Herbacin’s Foot Warming Balm not only soothes sensitive skin on your feet but also protects them from dehydration. Herbacin’s Foot Warming Balm also reduces the reaction between sugar molecules, collagen and elastin fibers, thus counteracts the aging of the skin and enhances elasticity. 3.4 fl.oz, $8.00

Some of these products can be used daily while others like the Foot Peel should be used weekly. Well I got to work trying them all out right away! After using them all for several weeks, my feet are softer, smoother and ALMOST as silky as my hands! I never thought that was possible without a full scrub pedicure!

My favorites were the Cooling Gel and the Warming Balm. Those both physically feel good on my tired feet. I like to put my feet up at the end of the day and TRY to get in one show before I fall asleep. This is the time I use to pamper my feet since it’s the only time I’m off them AND conscious!

I alternated using the different ones every night. Sometimes it was hard to choose because I loved them all. It’s become a night little part of my evening routine that helps relax me and take care of those tired feet.

I found the entire foot care line from Herbacin refreshing and extremely effective! I can’t believe the difference in my skin without getting a professional treatment!




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