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There is nothing more important to take into your body then water. We all know this and yet how many of us don’t drink enough water, mainly because a lack of convenience? I know I’m guilty! Our refrigerator has a built in water system and ice maker but it is always leaking and dripping and making a huge mess so we hate using it. We literally have to leave a towel on the floor under the fridge to catch it all.

When I saw the Soma Water Filtration System I was in awe! It’s convenient AND it’s pretty! I love the look and style of this that’s unlike any I’ve seen before. You can actually create purified water and leave it in the same container without having to transfer to a pretty pitcher because it IS pretty! Who wouldn’t want to have this sitting on their counter?

Soma carafe

I like to leave it out for the kids to grab and drink because I feel like it makes them drink more often. Yes it IS glass and I have little kids but it does claim to be drop proof! It’s easy to handle and lightweight enough so that they can actually do on their own. If you prefer your water cold, then just keep it in the fridge!

Soma pour

So what separates Soma from other water filtration systems?

All-natural coconut filter.

Soma’s filters are made entirely from biodegradable materials, including coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing. Proven to reduce aesthetic chlorine, taste and odor.

Soma filter

Artfully crafted glass.

Say goodbye to plastic. Soma’s German-engineered glass carafe keeps water crisp and fresh. And it’s shatter-resistant too.

Just the right size.

After many a night in appliance stores testing Soma’s fit in refrigerators, sinks, and unsuspecting employees’ hands, we arrived at the perfect size.


As if that weren’t all enough:

We’re proud to partner with charity: water
800 million people don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. charity: water is working to solve this. Every filter you buy from Soma includes a donation to charity: water to help support their essential work around the globe.

It’s hard to comprehend that there are people who don’t have clean water to drink in many parts of the world. Something that we completely take for granted even though we need it to live, is not an every day luxury for some. It’s a rare commodity. This Mothers Day, why not give a beautiful gift that she will love AND also contributes to supplying clean drinking water to those without. You can be giving to your own mother and someone else’s when you give Soma!







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