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My six year old son Reed is an Angry Birds fanatic! From the bedding in his room to the clothes he wears, toys he plays with and everything between: it’s all about Angry Birds! I knew the Angry Birds Action Game was right up his alley!


In all honesty, all it has to be is Angry Birds to gain his interest but to HOLD his attention, it has to be good! It’s sometimes hard for me to relate to a six year old boy so I was happy to have this game to play with him! It’s not so easy for me to play the video games! He set it up while I read him the rules.


It’s very similar to the video game if you are familiar with that, just in life form! You set up the tower and knock it down with the included birds. Where it lands on the chart behind it determines how many points you get. Whoever gets the most points per round gets a star and whoever gets three stars first, wins!


Once Reed and I started playing his four year old sister wanted to join us. The game is rated 5+ and that’s probably for a lot of reasons. One is they don’t necessarily have the dexterity to be able to set up the towers without knocking them down (as we learned the hard way.) The other is Paige wanted to play the game her own way and wasn’t patient or following the rules. Reed is my rule follower and has little tolerance for this! Imagine his horror when he saw that pig she has in her mouth!


We had a lot of fun playing the Angry Birds Action Game. I like that it’s simple enough that my son can play with his friends without me but tricky enough to set up the towers that it keeps him challenged. This is a great game for your little Angry Bird fan!



About Angry Birds Action Game

From a worldwide success, Angry Birds have transformed into a smashing Action Game!
Angry Birds Action Game is full of familiar fun, in a more compact form! With more wooden blocks, birds and pigs you can let your imagination run wild. The rules are easy: build a structure, place the pigs in/on it and see how far you can fling them with a couple of Angry Birds.


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