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Gymini® Developlace™

Enchanting activity gym that stimulates, interests and amuses babies from newborn to toddler


  • 5 modes of use from newborn to toddler in 1 product: cozy environment for newborns, activity gym, tummy time mat, crawling tunnel and an activity wall for toddlers.
  • Toys adjust to baby’s development and include no less than 11 activities!
  • Beautiful and colorful grassy nature theme with smiling animal figures creates a fun and engaging design.
  • Mat Size: 80X134CM / 32X53IN
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Senses

0+ months

While baby is on his back, place the toys at an appropriate distance, allowing baby to bat at them and, later on, grab them with ease.  You can occasionally alternate between the toys to make things more interesting.

2+ months
    • Practice baby’s shoulder and back muscles through engaging tummy time. Use the amusing toys to engage baby and help extend tummy time.
    • Play peek-a-boo with baby using the round window. Reach your hand out to her through the window, with or without a toy.

7+ months

Turn the product into a crawling tunnel and encourage baby to crawl towards you through the tunnel.

10+ months

After baby is sitting up independently, encourage him to play with the activity wall. Show him how to place the ball in the netted pocket or how to put the playing cards in the right places.

My Thoughts

IMG_0262I have a seven week old baby boy and up until now, he has been one of those babies that likes to be held all…the…time!  While this is a beautiful thing and I adore cuddling my sweet baby boy, I just can’t do it 24/7! I have two other children and a husband to divide my time with. Not to mention my household duties and life in general! When I saw the Gymini, I thought it was probably just another thing to ad to the list of things he doesn’t like or just isn’t ready for. Hallelujah for being proven wrong!

First of all, it was super easy to set up. I just attached the two long parts to the mat itself and it was good to go! The toys were already attached so I didn’t have to sort through directions or figure out what goes where. As a busy mama who has little time for anything, I appreciated that!

I loved the bright colors and the selection of dangling toys, all geared towards a baby’s ever changing growth and development. While many mats like this serve just one age-group, the Gymini is designed to grow with your child! That means you don’t have to buy them new activity centers every couple months as they change.

Babies growth and development happen so quickly, especially in the first year, so to me something that can grow with them is vital.

IMG_0269Right now Jax is just seven weeks old so he’s not doing a whole lot. But he can definitely look at things and I can see his little swinging arms wanting to get things that in just a few short months he will be able to grasp. Right now, the soft mat on the bottom is comfy for his tender little body, and the colorful things hanging overhead grab his attention. I see him moving his head side to side looking at everything which is great for his muscles. Soon he will be able to hold his head up completely on his own so it’s great that he can work it.

Another thing that I really appreciated and never would have thought of is the material of the mat itself. It’s a little bit slick so when the baby spits up, which he did the first time I put him on it, cleanup is quick and easy. I just wet a cloth and wiped it off and nothing was left behind.

My four year old daughter thought it was pretty cool too and now every time I put the baby under it, she wants to join him!


IMG_0265I am so grateful for companies like Tiny Love that have the fore site to design something for babies geared towards their development, not just today but in the coming months where their needs rapidly change. The Gymini has been a lifesaver in my house because it’s the first thing I have been able to put my baby down on. I think the fact that he doesn’t like the swing or bouncer or hoppy but loves the Gymini means that he is going to be one smart boy!



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