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beautiful-am-pmFEATURES and BENEFITS

Do You Want to Have the Skin of a Woman 15 Years Younger?
Feed Your Skin Exactly What it Needs with 100% Pure, Live Cold Pressed Botanical Ingredients.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it craves pure nourishing ingredients that help it to maintain its healthy youthful glow, smoothness, elasticity, and resistance to wrinkles and damage.

The Truth Revealed: Why Your Skin Care Products Have Never Worked…

If you’ve used commercial cosmetics or skin care products for any length of time, then your skin has become clogged, congested and damaged by these creams, ointments, serums and lotions that have been applied to it day after day. Any product that contains synthetic chemical ingredients is basically shocking your skin into submission in order to get the desired result. This will only harm your skin in the long run, by robbing it of its natural chemistry, damaging its defenses, and compromising its appearance. Smearing your skin with chemical-laden products will not only wear down your skin’s integrity over time, it can also be hazardous to your health.

The Poisons You Put on Your Face Everyday

The cosmetic skincare industry is among the worst and least regulated in our entire society. They have almost total free reign to put whatever ingredient they choose into our everyday skincare products, with little to no regard for our health and wellbeing. Prime example: Lobbyists from the skincare industry have strongly opposed bills that would require them to notify the government before releasing products that contain ingredients that are known to cause cancer! Ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals and others have been associated with or linked to allergic reactions, skin conditions, hormonal disruptions, neurotoxicity, and even cancer (see our free report, The Poisons You Put on Your Face Everyday, where we expose the truth behind skincare ingredients that the industry doesn’t want you to know).

Bottom line: If you have to rub it in, your skin doesn’t want it, and it’s not good for your face.

The Truth About Oil On Your Face

Your skin naturally produces oil called sebum to keep your skin healthy, moist and nourished. Your body knows how much sebum to produce to maintain optimal skin health. Unfortunately you’ve been lied to by multibillion dollar cosmetic corporations. They’ve spent a lot of money to tell you that you need to wash away these natural oils (because supposedly your body doesn’t know what it needs in order to maintain optimal skin health). You’ve been told to strip away your natural oil and replace it with nasty processed chemicals instead. This is a common mistake and misconception.

By stripping your face of natural oils, you are actually removing your skin’s natural defense and moisturizer, which means the dirt, grime and sun from daily living can wreak havoc on your skin. This puts your skin into overdrive and it then over-produces this sebum oil, thus causing you to think you need stronger and stronger face washes and more products to remove this excess oil. Unfortunately, this becomes a never ending viscous cycle for most women, whose skin becomes ravaged by the onslaught of these harsh chemicals. As the years go by, you not only need cleansers and moisturizers, but you become convinced by flashy advertisements that you need toners, anti-aging serums, and repair creams. This all plays into these big skincare corporations’ plot to get maximum profit per customer with multiple products, no matter what the consequences to your skin and health. The synthetic products you use may “prop up” your already abused skin in the short run, but in reality over time they’re making it much worse.

The Secret is to Feed Your Skin What it Craves

Beautiful’s 100% pure live ingredients are the perfect living “foods” that your skin cells need in order to be fed the nutrients they need to stay clean, moisturized and revitalized on a daily basis.

Beautiful’s revolutionary formulation simplifies your daily skincare needs by combining the functions of cleanser, toner, moisturizer, protector, repairer, blemish controller and age-defying serum. Instead of 5-10 products for your face, you’ll use 2: One in the morning, and one in the evening.

Why do we use oils in our product?

You may have been told to never put oils on your face, because oils supposedly cause breakouts or blemishes. This statement alone couldn’t be further from the truth. Sebum, the natural oil produced by your body, is a vital component in keeping your skin moist, elastic, healthy and radiant. The problem comes in when your body over-produces sebum. One of the main causes of this, as mentioned above, is the use of harsh chemical-laden skincare products that strip the natural oils from your face. But when your face’s oils are given what they need in order to remain in balance, the result is beautiful, young looking, glowing skin. This happens because Beautiful works in harmony with nature.

Here’s how Beautiful’s botanical ingredients work in harmony with your skin the way nature intended…

The pure live botanical oils in Beautiful help to balance your face sebum because “oil dissolves oil.” One of the most basic principles of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” The best way to dissolve an over abundance of your face oils, a.k.a. “sebum”, is to apply something that is similar in composition – in this case, pure live botanical oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit that can create the environment that helps to heal, protect, moisturize and nourish your skin. Trying to keep your skin’s chemistry in harmony on your own is an almost-impossible balancing act. But when you use nature’s pure live botanical oils, they help your facial oils to balance on their own, no matter what type of skin you have – dry or oily. Because your skin’s inner layer is made up of fat and collagen, Beautiful’s pure botanical oils are naturally absorbed after being applied to your skin. No rubbing in is required.

Beautiful’s proprietary A. M. Moisturizer and P.M. Revitalizer work together to help keep your face protected throughout the day and night so nature can do its work to insure a healthy vibrant appearance. Contains NO preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients, fragrances, GMO’s, dyes or additives of any kind. Nothing works better than Beautiful.

Benefits of Using Beautiful A. M. Moisturizer and P. M. Revitalizer:
  • 100% Pure “All-in-One” Skincare
  • Great for all skin types – oily or dry
  • Feeds your skin cells the nutrients they crave
  • Cleanses pores of dirt and bacteria naturally
  • Skin looks and feels younger, softer and smooth like silk
  • Decreases the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet
  • Reduces the appearance of aging
  • Replaces dirty, excess oil with healthy botanical oils
  • Firms and tones skin’s appearance
  • Pores appear to shrink, giving a smoother look to skin’s complexion
  • Blemishes appear to just fade away
  • Intensely moisturizes your skin more naturally than any cream or lotion
  • Boosts your skin’s natural, youthful glow and tone
  • Helps skin look alive and healthy
  • Skin feels clean and conditioned
  • 100% pure live cold-pressed ingredients: oils of almond, orange, lemon, avocado, olive, evening primrose and apricot
  • Contains NO preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, synthetic ingredients, fragrances, dyes or additives of any kind
  • Order today, and we’ll ship within 2 business days from our facility in Lexington, KY

Click here for more information on how Beautiful’s ingredients work to nourish your skin.

Click here to learn about Beautiful’s 3-Step Complexion Perfection System

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My Thoughts

IMG_3319Talk about smart marketing! Having a bottle arrive on it that says “Beautiful..” with your name on it makes you really want to try it AND you have been called beautiful before you even begin!

I was a little bit skeptical because I have never used a moisturizer like this before. It seemed more like oil for cooking than a moisturizer for my face. But I was willing to give it a shot and I’m so glad I did!

You just have to take a few drops on your fingertip at a time and rub it in a circular motion on your face. It did feel a bit oily to me so I fully expected my face to be oily after. Luckily it did rub right in and disappeared into my face.

I was also worried about the fact that it’s like a detox for your face and warns that you might break out first as everything is being cleaned out of your skin. I’m glad that didn’t happen to me but I do understand how it is just a part of the process. Like anything else you clean out, it looks a whole lot worse before it gets better and skincare is no exception.

After using Beautiful for a month, my skin does look more clear, young and healthy. It feels soft and smooth and I feel like it took years off my face. Thanks Beautiful for making me feel…beautiful!






A men’s line of this skin care system – You’re the Man – is available as well.

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