Chicken Soup for the Soul: From Lemons to Lemonade Review (#chickensoupforthesoul)



About the Book

Chicken Soup for the Soul: From Lemons to Lemonade will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to turn any sour situation into a better one with its 101 personal stories from others who turned a negative into something positive.

When life hands you lemons… make lemonade! This collection is full of inspiring true stories from others who did just that, and will help you make the best of any bad situation. You will find inspiration, encouragement, and guidance on turning what seemed like a negative into something positive in these 101 sweet stories of success!

My Thoughts

Can CSS possible come up with a new creative, original theme for a book? Why yes, yes they can! From Lemons to Lemonade is one of those cliches in life we have all heard a thousand times and are more than familiar with so why not turn it into the theme for a book? Brilliant!

We all go through hard times and have those moments in life where we think there couldn’t possible be a point or a silver lining. This is a beautiful collection of stories where people took their circumstances and well, made lemonade out of those lemons!

This is one of my favorite collections so far. It had me tearing up more than usual but out of happiness. It’s inspiring to see the things that people go through and what they gain from it. It makes me realize my life isn’t so bad and that if these people can turn their tragedies into something positive, I can do anything!

CSS From Lemons to Lemonade really is one that makes you do some soul searching and come out positive on the other side. If I’m feeling down I can just read a couple of these stories to gain a whole new perspective and then go on with my day with a positive outlook.





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