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We finally got a chance to go to the beach in Carlsbad and try out the D6 Surfskimmer I introduced last week. It is rated for ages 5 – 10 so I wanted my five year old son Reed to try and my seven and nine year old nieces were going as well so I knew I had the perfect range in age to try it.


3 year old Paige trying it out

Unfortunately Reed got knocked down by a big wave early on and was no longer so eager to try it out. My three year old Paige wanted to try it and even though she has no fear, she doesn’t have the coordination needed to operate it so that didn’t last long either.

My nine year old niece Felicity was all over it! It was really hard for her to get at first. There are a lot of things that you have to do simultaneously to be successful. Luckily she doesn’t give up easily and slowly started to pick up the things we were telling her, doing a little better each time.


Incorrect handle hold

At first she was bending the handle forward and was kind of in front of it so when the water was at the perfect level, it was too hard for her to go back and jump on. You really have to run alongside it like the demonstration video with the handle bent towards you to even be able to jump on it.


Correct handle hold

Once you are on the board, hold on tight! It’s pretty slick once it hits the water. I learned this the hard way! I was demonstrating how to use it for the kids and I ended up in the water on my butt! It went a lot faster than I anticipated. It definitely requires a level of coordination that not everyone possesses.

I wish we had more time at the beach because I think this is something that just takes a lot of practice to master, as do all sports. In the meantime, the kids had a blast trying out the D6 SurfSkimmer and it will be fun to see them improve every time!








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