The Nogent*** Super Kim Can Opener Will be a Big Surprise!

The Nogent*** Super Kim Can Opener is an ingenious design whose small size belies its usefulness.  This palm sized tool can open any shape can while leaving the open edge turned in and safe.

What makes this little marvel work is a triangular tempered carbon steel blade that engages immediately as you turn the handle.  The top of the can, whether it’s round, oval or even rectangular, is left with a safe, dull upper edge.  The initial piercing of the can is effortless and occurs with the first turn of the bright red handle, which is cushioned for comfort.  Easy to use in either the right or left hand, the can opener moves effortlessly over the edge of the can. Its petite size (3” X 2” X 1 ½”) means it takes up very little room and can be stored in a drawer.  The Super Kim is also the perfect take along for a picnic, camping or in a lunch box.

The Super Kim Can Opener is manufactured by Nogent***, a 90 year old French company best known for their extensive line of handcrafted knives and kitchen utensils. Their reputation for dependable craftsmanship and “a lifetime of use” has carried the Nogent*** brand throughout the world including Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Spain, the U.S. and Canada.  “The same care and exactitude that goes into the manufacturing of Nogent knives is also evident in the Super Kim Can Opener,” comments  Phillipe LeClerc, Export Manager, Nogent***. The Nogent Super Kim Can Opener has a suggested retail price of $15.  All Nogent*** products are manufactured in France.  For additional information, visit

My Thoughts

What can you say about a manual can opener? Well, I might not be able to say that it’s ultra modern or sleek but when it’s the Super Kim from The Nogent*** you can say that it works fabulously! It is  easy to use and creates a soft, smooth edge around the can. You won’t be afraid you’ll cut yourself.

1) High quality steel, chrome-plated nickel. 2) Steel cutting edge tempered and sharpened (exclusive to NOGENT***) cutting the lid flawlessly. 3) Crimping on the can edge after cutting, which gives a safer open can . 4) Plastic-coated "comfort" butterfly handle.

I received The Nogent*** Super Kim Can Opener and was intrigued by this little manual can opener. I have a traditional electric can opener but don’t really care for the way it leaves rough edges around the can when I use it. I’m fearful that my daughters will cut themselves when opening a can or even when throwing out the trash.

The Nogent*** Super Kim Can Opener is a manual can opener is a little powerhouse that works wonders. I remember using a manual can opener growing up and it was tough. Your hands had a work out just opening one little can. No problem now. Gentle, even twists of the handle open up your cans with ease…the smooth,  “edge-free” result is a definite bonus! Yep, no more worries about cutting a finger. Yay!

As you can see in the pictures…it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to use. Simple place the can opener on the can, twist clockwise and round and around it goes….removing the lid is easy as well. Just twist counter clockwise and the can opener pops right off.

The Nogent*** Super Kim Can Opener would also be perfect for camping trips. It is useful to keep around in case of a black out and perfect for little hands and craft projects.

I’ve seen bigger, bulkier and more expensive can openers work in the same manner but with the size and price of the The Nogent*** Super Kim Can Opener they just don’t compare. Who would have thought so much power and perfection would come from something so tiny.

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