SnoreRx – Sleep Scentsations Therapeutic Pillow Liners (review)

Who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep? Sleep Scentsations’ newest product, SnoreRx, now offers a non-invasive, natural solution to help suppress snoring and provide a more restful night of sleep.

SnoreRx has been through three years of rigorous product testing and has garnered proven market acceptance. Until recently, it has been sold and marketed exclusively to commercial partners like spas, hotels and hospitals. Infusion Brands, a global consumer products company, is bringing SnoreRx directly to consumers for the first time. For a limited time, consumers can get their free pre-release trial of this innovative sleep aid product at

The driving force behind this line of products has been Sleep Scentsations’ innovative, patented delivery system for essential oils: soft-cushioned pillow liners infused with natural essential oils. Each liner is high pressure-infused so it is completely dry, eliminating the mess associated with other essential oil products. Because it adheres under the pillow cover, it is the first completely non-invasive delivery system for essential oils.

SnoreRx liners are infused with a combination of eucalyptus, neroili, marjoram and other essential oils known to relieve snoring symptoms. As you sleep, SnoreRx naturally enhances the air you breathe, opening up your nasal passages and providing you – and your partner – with a better night’s rest. It’s also hypoallergenic and safe for children.

My Thoughts

My husband is a chronic snorer. We’ve been married for over 10 years and I don’t remember a time that he ever didn’t snore.

It didn’t bother me when we were first married. I was able to sleep through the snoring easily. But that completely changed after kids. Getting up in the middle of the night to change diapers and feed babies definitely changes a person into a light sleeper. And so my struggle to sleep restfully began.

We have tried bunches of products over the years, trying to find something that would be the “cure-all” snore product. We’ve had some success with some of them and no success with others.

These Sleep Scentsation Aromatherapy Pillow Liners by Snore RX were fun to try and actually worked in stopping my husband’s snoring for the night. Each pillow liner is in its own little pouch that you tear open before use. You attach the pillow liner (with its light adhesive backing) to the top of your pillow, but you place it underneath the actual pillowcase. Each liner lasts 3 consecutive nights.

The pillow liners are infused with essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and geranium. These essential oils are supposed to suppress your snoring and help you breathe easier at night. They are non-invasive and don’t put anything on your nose or in your mouth to help stop the snoring.

After one restful, snore-free night, my husband and I are both excited about this product. Though the essential oil smells were a bit strong at first, we were both able to fall asleep after a few minutes. And I am happy to report that I can’t remember a single time I awoke during the night and asked my husband to stop snoring. Because he didn’t snore. Not once.

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