LashEm Picture Perfect (review)

Picture Perfect and wrinkle free from day-to-night INSTANTLY! Picture Perfect is sure to turn heads with a formula made to life skin instantly. The slight tingle will awaken the skin and help appear years younger! It will also increase wrinkle reduction for long term effects. Vanish those stubborn lines and wrinkles with Picture Perfect! Forget Botox, use natural ingredients made to enhance your natural beauty for an irresistible Picture Perfect look.


  • Treatment driven formula that creates instant lift and fill in fine lines. 
  • Designed to treat short and long term effects on wrinkle reduction. 
  • Hydrate and brighten complexion to reduce signs of aging. 
  • Contains natural ingredients and paraben free formula. 
  • QuSome patented technology encapsulates active ingredients delivers deep into the epidermis. 
  • Improve overall texture of skin by increasing production of collagen and elasticity. 
  • Protect and reduce tissue damage caused by environmental stress. 
  • Silver airless bottle keeps the integrity of the formula and avoid contamination. 

My Thoughts

I recently tried Picture Perfect LASHEM. I am always freaking out about my eyes looking old, and so I am ALWAYS willing to try any eye cream that says it will help! The LASHEM eye cream is supposed to lift and revitalize eyes. I have to admit I did not see even the slightest change around my eyes.

The product has more of a serum texture, opaque and a little sticky. Once applied, you are to wait for it to dry completely before applying any other make-up or cream. It takes a few minutes for it to dry completely. Although I clearly felt a tightening sensation, there was no change in the condition of the skin around my eyes.

You only need to use a little of the product. This was difficult to accomplish because the pump kept getting stuck and when I pressed hard enough to un-stick it, quit a bit would squirt out. I had to clean my mirror or wipe the counter every time I used it. The cap also stuck to the bottle and eventually pulling of the cap also pulled out the pump from the container.

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