Why Look Old When You Have Frownies??

I have reviewed a lot of different skin, hair and make up products during my time as a review blogger. Not counting the items that I’ve purchased on my own. I am sure the number is well into the 100’s. Each and every one claims to have the answer to wrinkles, the fountain of youth, blemishes, fine lines or what have you…few deliver.

It’s exciting when you find a product t hat actually delivers on their promises. It truly makes you feel as if you found the fountain of youth.

I’ve heard of Frownies in the past but haven’t used them up until a few weeks ago. Boy! Was I ever in a for a wonderful surprise! You’ll have to forgive my skepticism but I’ve heard a lot of products promise a lot of things but Frownies definitely keeps their claims (and then some).

I received five fantastic products from Frownies and seriously loved each and every one of them. Because there were so many great products I wanted to break them up a bit so this will be the first of two posts for Frownies.

Anti-aging Under Eye and Eye Lid Gel Patches

Nobody looks good with puffy bags under their eyes, but how to get rid of them? With one 30 minute treatment 100% of women testing Frownies eye gels saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

The weight of the patch smooths the under eye area and trans-dermally protects the integrity of the acid mantle and skin layers. Frownies Eye Gels promote beauty by helping increase circulation, build collagen and providing antioxidants to fight free radical damage. Natural ingredients help protect the DNA, firm skin, reduce fine lines and normalize skin coloration.

My Thoughts

The Frownies Eye Gels were just fun. I loved the way they felt and when you put them on your skin the coolness was so incredibly soothing. The package I received contained 3 reusable sets and were intended to be a 5-7 week supply. I did best using them when I put them on as soon as I washed my face and then for 30 minutes while I worked on the computer, made breakfast or basically went about my day. They don’t fall off, they didn’t itch or irritate my skin. My husband and girls got a great laugh out of it…but hey what’s few laughs for beauty, right?

I will say honestly that I immediately saw a difference in the skin under my eyes after one use. I have very saggy skin under my eyes…especially in the morning. For whatever reason it seems to firm up a bit as the day progresses but in the morning I look like heck! So this was a great treat for me. I kept exclaiming to my husband “Look!! Look!!” because I was so excited about the results.

NEW! Gentle Lifts for Fine Lines around the Lips

First self-help product to Reduce Horizontal and Vertical Lip Lines

Smokers lines, lipstick lines, vertical lines call them what you will; we don’t like them.

Smoking, drinking through a straw and general facial expression can lead to horizontal and vertical lines around the lips.

Until now the only option was to cut the traditional Frownies Facial paper Patches to fit the upper or lower lip area and of course you can opt for injections.

Frownies the alternative to fillers, and other chemical inject-able products, developed Gentle Lifts to fit comfortably around the lip area. Worn at least 3 hours, but can be left on overnight, Gentle Lifts smooth and flatten lines and wrinkles.

Gentle Lifts are a self-adhesive patch made of a band-aid type fabric with a soft cotton edge. They come 60 in a box and are reusable. The longer you use the patch the more lasting results you see. No latex and hypo allergenic this new patch is exactly what you have been looking for. :: PEEL the paper back from the patch.

  • SMOOTH OUT and separate the lines with your fingers.
  • APPLY the patch over the smoothed lines.
  • REMOVE patch by slightly wetting to releases adhesive.
  • TREAT area with Immune Shield after removing the patch.
  • STICK patch on clean smooth surface and reuse as often as the adhesive will allow.

My Thoughts

If you only get one thing  under the tree from Frownies….let this be the item. Oh My GOODNESS! gentle Lifts are supposed to be for the fine lines around your mouth. You know the ones you get when you pierce  your lips together? Well, I don’t have a lot of those but I dutifully put them around my mouth and then added a couple more around the outside where I tend to frown and then one on my forehead where I squint a lot. I squint for everything….when the sun’s too bright, when I’m upset, when I’m thinking, when I’m tired…seriously other then a smile…I think that’s my second look.  THEY WORKED EVERYWHERE!! Lol

As much as they are designed to work around the fine lines of  your mouth…they also worked fabulously on the other areas.

Rose Water Hydrator/Toner-Hydrate & Plump Fine Lines

For soft beautiful skin, after cleansing use Rose Water on the entire face, neck and décolletage Frownies Hydrating Spray compliments the pH balance of the skin and help reduce the appearance of pore size as it begins to plump fine lines and wrinkles. Rose Water from essential oil of rose is an antibacterial wrinkle treatment and helps prevent blemishes on the skin. Rose Water and hyaluronic acid are a wonderfully refreshing pick up after exercising, during air travel or anytime a warm dry environment threatens to dehydrate and age your skin. Frownies Rose Water Hydrator can be used throughout the day to refresh the face and neck. Carry it in your hand bag and freshen the face as needed. Not just another toner or water spray “Beautiful Skin in a Bottle

Activate Frownies Deep Wrinkle Removal Patches

Frownies Rose Water Spray was created to enhance the effectiveness of Frownies Facial Patches (FBE) & (CEM). Rose Water Hydrator is used to activate the back of the night time patches and keep the Under Eye Patches moist and active for storage and repeat use.

Refresh Eye Gels

Wet the Eye Gels in the tray for storage between usage. Other toners may dissolve the gel patch.

My Thoughts

This little bottle of sunshine needs to be kept with you at all times. Ever have those mornings where your face just feels dry and taunt? Maybe you are feeling a bit run down and a lot tired? Then spritz a little bit of the RoseWater Hydrator Spray and your skin will instantly feel refreshed and vibrant. You can use the RoseWater  Hydrator Spray directly on your skin but it was also created to use on the Eye Gels and the Gentle Lifts. The spray mist  help to rejuvenate the patches and gels and provides the reusability to the product. I noticed that they worked extremely well with the eye gels but needed a bit of help with the patches. Overall, it was great product.

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