Portable Audio System App-Enhanced Docking Station for iPad (review)

App-enhancement is the perfect fusion of hardware and software: get EQ settings optimized for each music genre, listen to local FM stations, play and control your music library, and more. And the dock rotating arm lets you switch your iPad from portrait to landscape with the touch of a button.

  • Motorized 90-degree rotation: switch from portrait to landscape at the touch of a button
  • App-Enhanced: the next level of docking
  • Remote control includedHigh performance sound
  • Connect and view iPod video content on your TV
  • Charges your iPod, iPhone or iPad
  • 5 adapters included for iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • App available on Apple App Store
  • App features: volume control, customizable EQ, brightness settings
  • App alarm features: snooze and sleep, wake to radio, alarm or iPod
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad not included

My Thoughts

I am in no way a Techie. Oh I love techie products…my iPhone and I are inseparable but if something is too difficult then I just kind of push it to the side and let my hubby worry about it. My husband is the exact opposite and loves all things that have to do with technology.

When we received this awesome Acoustic Research Portable Audio System App-Enhanced Docking Station for iPad we actually had a little mini fight over who would get to keep it.

He felt that since he is the one that actually¬† has an iPad that it should belong to him. I really thought it should belong to me…yes, he has the iPad, but this wonderful Portable Audio System App-Enhanced Docking Station works with my iPhone. It was easy to use, quick to load the app and so much fun! I totally loved being able to just carry it around with me (it’s lightweight and portable) and plug in my iPhone and listen my music while cleaning the house, doing laundry or wrapping Christmas gifts. It was awesome!

In the end…the twins were the ones who were able to claim this wonderful docking station…seems that it works fabulously with the iPod as well.

I know there will be plenty of people that will be thrilled to find this under their tree this Christmas. Go on…give them what they want. They’ll love you for it and they’ll love their Portable Audio System App-Enhanced Docking Station.

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy
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