Sing Along Sunday: Keith Green The Easter Song

Repost from last year because it’s still my favorite Easter Song! He has risen! When I was in High School I became absolutely obsessed with Keith Green’s music and his ministry. One of my youth leaders was listening to his music and it instantly just grabbed my attention. I bought all of his music and […]

Easter with the Silvestrini’s 2014 (#Easter, #DecoratingEasterEggs, #EasterEggHunt)


  My Thoughts I love, love, love the holidays! I love all the traditions, making memories and focusing on quality time with my kids. As Christians, we understand what Easter is really about and have spent a lot of time talking with our kids about the resurrection. That being said, we do also like to […]

Cute Easter Tradition: You’ve Been Egged! (#Easter, #EasterTraditions)


  My Thoughts Last night I heard a little scuffling around my front yard. I kept hearing voices but I just figured it was some teenagers on our street being loud out front. But this morning we found the above sign on our door! It reads: You’ve been egged! There are 12 eggs hidden in […]

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The Carpool Diaries: Paige has got Jokes (#TheCarpoolDiaries)


I carpool to two different schools with my kids and three of their friends. I have to tell you this is where I hear some of the most interesting conversations. It’s hilarious the things kids will say when they think no one is listening. I figured I’d start documenting and sharing them with you! (The […]

Ozeri WeightMaster II 440 lbs Digital Bath Scale with BMI and Weight Differential Detection (@Ozeri, #Ozeri)


  My Thoughts Wow! This is the smartest scale ever! I have actually tried quite a few different scales and this Ozeri WeightMaster II is amazing! It’s the perfect tool to help me lose my baby weight! What sets it apart from the others? Well I’m glad you asked! First of all, it remembers me! […]

Noah and the Mighty Ark by Rhonda Gowler Greene Review (@Zonderkidz, #Zonderkidz)


My Thoughts Noah and the Mighty Ark is the same author and illustrator team as One Last Sheep that I reviewed the other day so I anticipated it being pretty similar. When I showed it to Paige, she recognized it as being just like the other book. I’m sure that’s a good thing if you’re […]

The Pinterest Fairy, er, The TOOTH Fairy Paid Reed a Visit! (#ToothFairy, #ReedLogan)


My Thoughts Yesterday was a momentous occasion in the Silvestrini house. Reed lost his first tooth! We had waited and waited and waited for that loose tooth to come out! I had talked to some friends and asked what the going rate was for the Tooth Fairy knowing this was coming. I figured a buck […]

Natures Best Vitamin C Serum Review


Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. My Thoughts Vitamin C is widely known to be good for the skin so I knew trying a new face product made with Vitamin C was probably going to be pretty effective! Nature’s Best Vitamin C Serum is a little bottle of liquid magic! When […]

Lip Reading by Harry Kraus Review (#LipReading, #Harry Kraus)


My Thoughts I became a huge Harry Kraus fan when I read An Open Heart so I was really looking forward to his new book Lip Reading. Once again his medical knowledge came into play, creating an authentic and believable story, this time in the pharmaceutical world. Becca Jackson is a medical researcher and she […]