My Kids are Decked out for #Easter thanks to #OshKosh! #ImagineSpring #IC #Ad


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Ahhh it’s finally spring! In Southern California that practically means summer to us! The short sleeves are on and we’ve started spending a lot of time outside! One of the […]

Stuff Baby’s Basket with Mamas & Papas Activity Toys! #Review #Giveaway #EasterBasket #Mamas&PapasUSA @MamasandPapas

Mamas & Papas

When shopping for my kids Easter baskets I always get really similar things for my older kids since they are only a year apart. I like to keep it fair and even so I basically get the same thing, just a boy/girl version. Now that I have Jax that is so much younger than my […]

Jesus Sees us Doll and Book Make a Great Basket Stuffer! #JesusSeesUs


We have been taking our kids to church since they were infants so they have grown up learning about Jesus but it’s still such a hard concept for them to understand. Even as adults we struggle with believing in things unseen. A couple of mothers recognized this in their own children and created the Jesus Sees […]

Beautonics Clinicares Treatment Solution Derma Roller #Review #Beautronics


It seems like when you are a kid there is a race to look and be grown up and then once you get there it’s a race to slow down and look and be young. Well, I am on the later half of the race, but with joy. The Beautonics Clinicares Treatment Solution Derma Roller […]

Protect Your Child Anywhere with the Yochi Yochi Portable High Chair/ Child Harness #Review #YochiYochiPortableHighChair


Jax is officially on the loose and he can run off and disappear in about two seconds flat! I always thought leashes on children were cruel; until I had kids of my own. Now I get it! I like things that are muti functional so when I saw the Yochi Yochi portable high chair doubled […]

The Ten Girls at Jazzercise I want to Slap with my Jazz Hands! #Jazzercise #Fitness


I love me some Jazzercise! It’s such an amazing workout and I have fun doing it! But it never fails that there are some ladies who refuse to follow a few simple guidelines and somehow I get stuck standing by one every time! This is dedicated to all my Jazzy friends and offenders! 1. Space […]

Beautiful Pearls for Every Taste

Pearls are an ancient jewel that have always been treasured by women around the world, and their incredible beauty continues to be timeless. Most women own at least one piece of jewelry that features pearls, and many have a collection of pearl rings, bracelets and necklaces. Pearls are such a versatile jewel; they are elegant […]

Save your Seats from the Kickers with a Seat Back Protector #SeatBackCover


What is it about the back of a seat that makes kids instantly want to put their feet up and kick? From the moment my kids could stretch out and reach that seat back in front of them, they were kicking! My kids are pretty good now about not kicking the seat in front of […]

Advanced Green Tea Extract #Review #ZenwiseLabs #GreenTea


  I started taking the Zenwise Labs Advanced Green Tea Extract after doing a lot of research about acne. I read that taking a Green Tea extract along with a probiotic, and L-Lysine plus a consistent skin cleansing regimen would be my saving grace. I have tried everything else and actually I could tell there […]

Just Add Water and Change a Life on World Water Day! Enter to win this #Giveaway @WorldVisionUsa #WorldVision #WaterEffect #WaterNow


There are so many things in life we take for granted. I really try not to spoil my children and instill good morals in them but when you think about the fact that water is something we take for granted, it really puts things in perspective. Every day while we waste water letting our sprinklers […]