All Aboard for Peanuts™ The Great Pumpkin Patch Express! @OERM #OrangeEmpireRailwayMuseum

All aboard for PEANUTS™ The Great Pumpkin Patch Express at the OERM! Join your the PEANUTS™ characters and celebrate Halloween! This is one of the few events we actually haven’t attended yet and I know my kids will be thrilled to meet their favorite character as well as ride the train! There are lots of great […]

Gymini Musical Friends from @TinyLove_USA #TinyLoveUSA

I have long been a fan of the baby items from Tiny Love because of their ability to grow with your baby. When Jax was new we used the Gymini Developlace play mat and he absolutely loved it! I got so many compliments on it and people asking where it was from because it was […]

Bella’s Fall Coat by Lynn Plourde @DisneyHyperion #DisneyBooks

Growing up on the East Coast with all its beauty cemented fall as my favorite season despite the lack of fall foliage here in California! When I saw the cover of Bella’s Fall Coat with all the beautiful leaves it brought me right back to fall in New Hampshire as a child and all the wonderful […]

The Beginner’s Bible Timeless Children’s Story @Zonderkidz #Zonderkidz

My kids really like The Beginner’s Bible and now that the illustrations are familiar to them, they immediately recognize a book by it’s cover as one from the series. That being said they were really excited to see The Beginner’s Bible Timeless Children’s Stories. I have to admit, the illustrations have never been my favorite. […]

Top That is Fun for the Whole Family! #BlueOrangeGames #FamilyGameNight

We love to try out a new game for family game night and Top That appealed to all three of my kids aged 2, 7, and 8. It’s recommended for players aged 6 and up so the 2 year old needed help but the other two caught on quickly! The premise of the game is […]

The Bible and Me by Lois Rock & Alida Massari @KregelBooks #KregelPublications

We are always looking for new family devotionals to do with our three kids that can reach them all on their levels. With two elementary aged kids and a toddler, a book with pictures is an absolute must right now so the illustrations are almost as important as the words themselves. The Bible and Me […]

Setting Up a Parents and Toddlers Group at Your Church

When you’re a parent with young children, things can get a little lonely. It can be even harder if you’re a stay at home parent who doesn’t have regular contact with other adults. Getting out of the house can be hard but meeting up with other parents can help. Parent and baby/toddler groups give you […]

Fall in Love with Fall Charms from Helen Ficalora and enter to win one! @HelenFicalora #ShowtheHFLove

Fall is hands down my favorite season. Nothing else even comes close! I love the weather, the changes in leaves and of course all the pumpkin spiced everything!  I just started my pumpkin spice diet I follow every fall! There are also symbols that come to mind representing fall like arrows and feathers. The mini charms from […]

High School Declassified by Dave Milbrandt, MA #Review

Even though I don’t yet have high schoolers I definitely want to be prepared for that phase in life because it’s coming! I want to have a rough idea of what I’m going into ahead of time, not seek out help when I’m already knee deep in high school angst! Reading High School Declassified I […]

Pumpkin Patch Blessings by Kim Washburn @Zonderkidz #Zonderkidz

It’s almost my favorite time of the year; fall! I don’t know if it’s my New England roots where the changing of the seasons is so spectacular or just a love of Halloween and what the season brings but it’s definitely a time to look forward to. My kids share the same love of the […]

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