Keeping Money in Mommy’s Purse: How to Save Money When You Have Kids

Image source The average cost of raising a child in the United States to the age of 18 is more than $245,000. This is a staggering sum of money, but don’t despair because there are lots of things you can do to keep more of your money in your purse as a mother. Try these […]

A Few Rules To Keep Yourself Centered During The Hard Times

It’s not an unusual position to find yourself in at all. Lots of people find themselves taking on too much debt or finding their income suddenly cut. It can feel like you’re spiraling into a hole you can’t climb out of. But there’s no reason to give up hope, yet. There are people relying on […]

Making The Most Of Your Maternity Pay

When you have just had a new baby, keeping an eye on the finances can be the last thing on your mind. You tend to be much more worried about how they are feeding. Whether they are sleeping. Whether you are sleeping, and what to do about that pile of laundry in the corner that […]

The Grass Isn’t Greener On The Other Side! Green, Eco- Friendly Improvements For Your Home

From flikr Something that buyers are looking for more and more are properties that are eco-friendly. This is a trend that’s set to continue and become an increasingly important feature. Making your home greener means it’s kinder to the environment which is great, and on the plus side it makes your property more desirable and […]

Perfect for Protection Even in Warm Weather! #carseatcanopy

This baby car seat canopy is perfect for use in warm weather. It’s made out of a muslin type material that seems to keep baby cool while protected from germs in the air and touchy strangers. The canopy isn’t fitted; it comes with two plastic clips that you can use to secure the canopy over […]

Getting Lean When You Have Kids: Working A Routine Around Family Life

It’s no secret that most of us moms struggle to find precious time. This could mean time for ourselves, time to see friends, or even time to get all the day’s tasks done and dusted. Managing not only our own lives but our children’s lives too (and quite often our partners as well!) can be […]

Indoor Kids: How To Get Your Kids Off Their Phones And Out Of The House

It seems like kids today really do have it all. With the sheer volume of technology at their fingertips, there’s no chance that they could ever be bored. But that does come with some downsides. After all, they might never be bored, but that doesn’t mean that they’re actually doing anything useful with their time. […]

Enriching Activities That You Can Plan For Your Kids When you have children, you can often feel like you’re on an endless journey to try and raise them right, entertain them and keep them happy. In reality, you kind of are. But you don’t mind; that’s what having kids is all about – right? It can be enjoyable for you to plan activities […]

Beyond Suffering Bible Review

In this life there will be trouble and sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand why. The Bible offers so much in the way of peace, hope and encouragement. You just have to know where to find it. The Beyond Suffering Bible is a wonderful tool to help find them. Joni Eareckson Tada is definitely an […]

Craig Revel Horwood: Choreographer, Director, TV Judge, and More

Craig Horwood enjoys a varied career with his many productions and other appearances such as being a “Strictly Come Dancing” judge on BBC. That show has won awards for Best New Program, several for TV Entertainment Program, and Best Variety program. Horwood was also a Judge on the New Zealand version of “Strictly Come Dancing” […]

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