Perfect Love Tokens, To Show Your Man How Much He Means To You

When it come to buying love tokens, often men have it easy don’t they? They can just pop out, or go online and get one of the thousands of heart or love themed objects that are specially designed for women. But when us girls have to do the same for them, it often means putting […]

Funny Thoughts We’ve All Had During A Fitness Class

Group fitness classes are the main way some of us keep in shape, as working out together with other like-minded women can be a great boost to our motivation. But it’s fair to say that some very random thoughts spring into our heads while holding a Yoga pose or trying to do one final squat! […]

How To Shape Up Without Overstretching Your Finances

A cupboard full of exotic ingredients. Some newfangled fitness devices. A fashion-forward leisurewear collection. Healthy living can come at a cost. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Getting fit doesn’t always have to overstretch your finances. There are loads of ways you can adopt a healthier lifestyle without paying the price. Here […]

The Signature Scent

A signature perfume creates an aura of scent around the wearer. Even if another person doesn’t realize you’re wearing the scent, he or she may say, “Someone smells so beautiful.” Your lovely signature scent may linger in your bedroom. Your friends or family members may say, “I know when Mama is at home because I […]

Anniversary Gifts And You

Anniversaries can be an exciting time, depending on how long you’ve been together. If it’s your first anniversary, you probably think it’s come around far too fast. If it’s your 20th anniversary, you’re probably wondering how you made it this far! It’s traditional to buy a gift when it’s your anniversary, but what exactly do […]

Helping Children Navigate The Tides Of Change

Change isn’t easy to deal with. That’s true whether you’re three, or sixty-three. There’s no denying, though, that children find change harder to deal with than most adults. That’s probably because they’ve had to deal with less of it in their short lives. Plus, everything seems a lot larger when you’re little. Especially those big […]

Get Ready for Adventure with this Fun Giveaway! #LittleAdventuresDressUps

All of my kids have always loved to play dress up! Jax is definitely the most into it at three years old. I made the mistake of buying his Halloween costume early this year and he had worn it out before the big night even came! Like most boys he’s into Superheroes and Star Wars […]

Boosting Baby’s Brain

Image source Babies are like little sponges. Everything you say and do with them stimulates their senses and has the ability to create new brain cells and boost their brain power now and in the future. From simply smiling and laughing with your baby to playing games, every move you make is having an effect […]

You’ve Been Exercising Wrong All This Time

Losing weight is a common challenge for many women, whether you are trying to correct the indulgence of the Christmas season or you want to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes again. Losing weight is never easy, especially because most people do it wrong. From under-eating, which slows down your metabolism and reduces fat burn, to […]

Choosing A Family Car Without Driving Yourself Mad

Image source If there is one thing a family car needs to be it is good at multi-tasking. However, this requirement is harder to find than you may have anticipated, not so much because car manufacturers haven’t realized this yet, but because the car industry has realized this and now you are faced with that […]

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