IPhone 6 Wallet Case Review #olympiantechcase


Lorinda’s Thoughts I am really excited about my new iPhone 6 Wallet Case which is genuine leather in high quality pink from Olympian Tech. Seriously it is perfect for me and so, so nice! I need a wallet case for my phone because I like being able to have my phone on me along with […]

The Best Ways To Relax After A Long Day Spent Looking After The Kids


We all know how tiresome and stressful it can be when you spend a whole day looking after young children. That is often because they require constant attention. Thankfully, there are lots of ways in which you can relax and unwind after they’ve fallen asleep. It all comes down to what you find enjoyable. While […]

4 Fun and Fabulous Ways to Lose Weight


As any busy mom will attest, it’s difficult to get away from the home to workout. But, you don’t have to pound the gym to make sure that you are losing weight. In fact, there are some fun ways that you can lose weight and feel great. You don’t have to have an expensive gym […]

Curl Those Lashes with Beauty Lashious Eyelash Curler #BeautyLashious

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.04.27 am

  My Thoughts I have been paying a lot more attention to my appearance lately. While eyelash curlers used to be something I didn’t bother with; they have now become a regular part of my beauty regimen. I have super thin, puny lashes. I recently started using Younique mascara and now that my lashes look […]

Four Ways To Jumpstart Your Child’s Education In 2015

1. Utilize Online Resources. One of the great things about modern technology is that the rise of the internet has provided parents with a plethora of online resources they can use to jumpstart their children’s education. Resources range from reading lists posted by philanthropist Cecilia Ibru to online tutoring options. In addition to facilitating their […]

Get a Sleek, Straight Look with Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener #FlatIronHairStraightener


  My Thoughts After having three kids a lot of things have changed about my body. While I expected that, I didn’t expect my hair to change as well! First it fell out for several months and then when it came back in it was wavy in some spots! I really don’t like wavy, frizzy […]

Supplements for Weight Loss

You find many of these supplements at various merchants, such as Chemmart Pharmacy. The following is information on some common supplements and how effective they are for weight loss. Remember that you should consult with your doctor before trying any supplements. This will prevent you from accidently taking a supplement that interact with medicine you […]

The Cube Streaming Device Review #Cube @hashtagcube #hashtagcube


My Thoughts What is this thing? That was my first though! Was it yours? The Cube is brilliant in theory but slightly flawed in it’s execution. The cube is basically a streaming device for your photos. I used to have one of those digital picture frames to display photos digitally and I just got so tired […]

Keep an Eye and Ear on Your Little One with the Easy@Home Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor #BabyMonitor


My Thoughts I didn’t have a video baby monitor with my first two kids and I always wanted one! I feel like with Jax it’s even more important now that we’re in a bigger house where I can’t always hear him or might be in the back yard with my older two kids. The Easy […]

My Little Pony The Movie 30th Anniversary Edition is on DVD Today and I have one for #Giveaway #MLP


My Thoughts Has it really been thirty years since the original My Little Pony movie? Wow that just really dated me! I actually remember watching this for the first time! I was obsessed with My Little Pony as a kid and so I was thrilled when I had a little girl of my own and […]